aircraft fixed&rotary and theories of flight

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by smithy12, Aug 3, 2008.

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  1. i have my aet interview soon and was wondering what types of aircraft we deal with and what there main roles are, also if someone could give me some basic on the theories of flight as im not to sure what this is.

    what are the main bases AET work on in the uk

  2. Smithy, have a look around, all your questions have been answered before.

    An airplane has a propeller thingy in front of it. when this turns round it goes faster and faster, the aircraft is then dragged along the ground until the pressure beneath the wings, is more or less than the pressure over the wings, it then lifts off the ground. How it stays up there, i`m fukced if i know, magic eh? hope this helps.
  3. Propeller pulls the plane forward buy pushing air behind it.
  4. Whats that got to do with the theory of flight?

    Gliders don't have props and they still manage to get airborne.

    Basically it's all to do with the way that air travels over and under the wind causing lift.
    Google it and you will find plenty of help.
  5. Sorry, I was telling Pig that that was what happend when it was airborne.
  6. After 22 years in the Fleet Air Arm I reckon Higs knows more than he lets on about the theory of flight.
    I believe in his day it was taught to all branches including aircraft handlers. Speed some of them towed at it's a wonder the aircraft didnt get airborne from the tow. :w00t:
  7. I`m always amazed by the Newbie threads, does nobody have any CDF anymore, they can find their way on here, and yet can`t Google ` The Theory of Flight `

    For those that hate acronyms, CDF is Common Dog Fukc.
  8. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    There is plenty of info here: NASA Theory of flight pages

    Read carefully and run the applets if you really want to undertsand why and how aerofoils develop lift. Thank Newton and see if you can understand why Bernoulli is merely another version of Newton rules of kinematics. (don't worry about it too much it's tricky)

    I was taught a load of old bollox by the navy, only discovering it to be rubbish years later when studying non-linear dynamics, it wouldn't surprise me if they still teach it to be honest, NASA even have a page devoted to bollox theory: incorrect theory of lift
  9. I believe that I have sussed out why some people ask silly questions.
    We have all been on courses and lectures where 99% of the class wants to leave ASAP. Then the lecturer asks "Any Questions?"
    I have never been in a room where no questions where asked, there has always been some DH who just has to ask some stupid question that I reckon he already knows the answer to.
    result 20 to 30 blokes pissed off cos the bar is open and they are still in the classroom.

    Why do they do it?

    I reckon they think it makes them look keen and intelligent.

    Now the question is:

    What does it make them look like? :w00t:

    Sorry about the late question, I think it makes me look lke a tw2t :thumright:
  10. But just in case all else fails. You will just repeat on the intercom. HELP! HELP! HELP! when returning to terafurma :w00t: :thumright: PS true :salut: story :thumright:
  11. Right Chief, for over 40 years I have been wrong. It's all the RNs fault cos that is what they taught.
    Now how do I contact a no win no fee cheapskate lawyer who will sue on my behalf so that I can get loads of dosh? Well enough for a piss up would do really :w00t:
  12. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    If it's any consolation Slim, there are probably several thousand aircraft mechanics maintaining aircraft all over the world who have no idea how the aircraft they fix are able to fly. I visited RAF Cosford in 2007, they were still teaching the bollox version of how lift is generated, I suspect Sultan are doing the same. People are so convinced that it's true that they won't think about it. I asked the instructor at Cosford why does air have to travel faster over the upper surface, what is making it do that? His answer: so that it can catch up with the air beneath! When I'd finished laughing my tits off I asked him again...... but why, what is making that happen. "oh, it just does, it's physics" Oh no it isn't!.........
  13. By the sound of it. i dont think i should bother just yet in the theory hypergolic fuels and specific impulse. I dont think he may be ready for flight in an area of non gravitational attributes and constant vacuum yet.
    So maybe elastic band up to Higs propeller thing might be a good start.
    Getting some viewing time in on "Flash Gordon", or maybe an old "Eagle comic with "Dan Dare" would give him some aspirations.
  14. Lets hope that those that bat for the other side, don`t get involved with this thread, rear thrust and all that crap.
  15. Stand by to stand by? Thingy /42/ Sussexs2/ronnie/lukep/ etc
  16. When I was on LREM course many years ago if the answer to the question was not known we would just state that "It's due to back emf" sometimes we were right.
    So an aircraft flies due to back emf. :thumright:
  17. electro magnetic force. remember it well. Side EMF. as well? Still dont know what it is PS aircrew for me :thumright:
  18. All together!

    Helicopters appear to fly because they are so ugly, the Earth rejects them.
  19. So, there are millions of aircraft that have been flying over the years with aerofoil mainplanes and chief tiff has now decided that they don't work, If chief tiff was born at the turn of the last century he could have saved the world billions of pounds, just think all those airplanes hurtling around with out wings, what a saving, the Herbet Lott fund would have run dry.

  20. There are many theories as to how aerofoils generate lift (Nobody is disputing that they do), but the RN teaches the simplest one to understand. Whether or not it is correct is academic in this thread, because it is what the original poster here will be taught when he joins.

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