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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by JR09, Oct 26, 2009.

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  1. Hi. This is my first post after recently finding the forum and I have a few questions if anybody can be of help.
    I am 31 years old and have decided to return to the forces. I was previously in the Army for 3 1/2 years and left 8 years ago due to thinking the grass was greener etc...
    Anyway, I am now looking into my options and would like to go into a role that will challenge me mentally and offer decent promotion prospects in the future. I am not looking for a short career this time around!
    After a fair bit of research into units / roles, I am keen to pursue further my interest in the Navy and specifically Aircraft Control. I have the GCSE's required to enter as a rating.
    I am aware that once I register my interest, my old service docs will need to be requested. How long will this take? I left the Army of my own accord and with an exemplary record so I am assuming this will be a straight forward process?
    Also, it is difficult to find a great deal of info on the Aircraft Controller role. What does the selection involve and what tests are undertaken at Raf Cranford? What is the average time taken to complete the selection process, and how long before starting at Raleigh once the selection is completed?
    Any help would be much appreciated!
  2. Hi JR09

    I've just completed all the checks for going in as an AC. There is a topic which covers FATs which is helpful and answers most of the questions you will probably have.

    I've PM'd you with some info on the AC role which a currently serving AC sent me.

  3. Many thanks both. So probably about 3 months once the selection has been completed then...
    Righteous_Canary...thanks for the PM. How did you find the selection? Are the FAT's the same as for officers? Do you just spend the one day doing the FAT's or are there other leadership tests completed aswell over a period of days? Any info on the selection process would be of a great help!
  4. Hi JR09

    I'm ex Army too - the longest part for me was waiting for the service doc's etc from Glasgow (as I'm sure you already know getting anything from that place is a nightmare) - I applied last August and didnt hear a thing until this April. Although from there, the process was very quick and I start in November.

    Best of luck!
  5. Thanks. I have my medical record book and also my red discharge book, so I'll take those down the careers office. I don't know whether they'll suffice or if they will still have to contact Glasgow? Hopefully not.
    What unit were you in DavidK, and what are you joining as, if you don't mind me asking?
  6. I think (although dont quote me) that it was the med docs that took ages for me, so if you've got them you may find it quicker.

    I was 1 RGJ - doesnt exist anymore now. They merged with the other Light Division regiments to become the Rifles. Shame from historical point of view (RGJ had a huge amount of VC's awarded, possibly the most?? Standby to be corrected) - but times change. What were you in?

    I'm going CISSM now - leaving in 3 weeks! :lol:
  7. Good luck. Parachute Regiment.

  8. Some time ago I had to apply for my docs, they arrived within 10 days!!!
  9. Canary i am currently in the process of applying to become an AC, could you please PM me with some background info aswell please, as i have been finding it hard to find out alot about it, many thanks
  10. You got very lucky! I was chasing for ages. Still, all water under the bridge now and I think i'm a better person for the experi....

    Nah fcuk it....

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