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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ANDY_224, Jul 20, 2010.

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  1. Hi I am going in as an AC next year and was wondering are there any AC's on this site or even anyone who could give me a bit more info on the day to day work of an AC aswell as how many AC's work in a group, does the job change much with promotion etc.. and any other info would be much appreciated.
  2. Andy whatever information you find out please can you pass it on. I had my selection interview to be an AC yesterday and was told I may have to wait until April to start.

    It's not directly related but I was expeting something like "welcome to the navy, you're waiting time is so and so" . Having done my selection interview and told I did very well and what my waiting approximately is, I do have a place in the navy dont I or at this stage is it not definate yet? If anyone else could answer then that would be very helpful.
  3. Yeah no probs, when did you take the psychometric test? I did mine in march and was told after my interview last month there would be a 16 month wait from the test date, how long did they say the waiting period is now for the branch? wud be good to hear it's went down!

    Yes you have been offered a place for definate although it will be subject to your sec clearence coming through ok and passing your aircrew medical in gosport. although that's to the best of my knowledge I'm sure ninja stoker or someone else can answer that better.
  4. When Monty gets back from his cellar refurbishment he'll give you the lowdown as he's an AC.
  5. As of this wednesday the waiting time is approximately 14 months from my application in January so Im possibly starting phase 1 in March or April.

    I've not heard anything about the aircrew medical in gosport.

    Cheers WreckerL, i'll be glad to hear some more information. I went to the Yeovilton Air Day and spoke to a Petty Officer AC there but he mentioned so much it was hard to keep track.
  6. Try to get all the little dots in the center circle.. :D
  7. It was a 9 month wait in January wasn't it? So if it's a 14 month wait now, you should roughly have to wait 11-12 months (from what i've read on here about increasing waiting times, if you've already applied)
  8. I just picked up my AC branch badges this week :D.

    MLP would be the best to ask regarding the day-to-day job. If you have any questions about the training then please feel welcome to PM me. I'm the first to go through the new AC training which I assume you will all go through if you're lucky enough.
  9. Just for a bit of fun, lad. Have a Google at "VatsimUK". It's a virtual pilot/controller organisation. There is a military section which you can join and either observe or get stuck in to flying and/or controller. The military section is RAF based procedures, but it's fun and quite a lot of online manuals and forum to interrogate. Give it a whirl 8)
  10. It's not like that apparent "blue waffle" cooking website that i fell for, isit? 8O :lol:

    N.B - If anyone's curious to what i'm talking about, just don't even google it.
  11. No, Ross. It's actually intended to be used by MS Flight Sim. Flying online, in formation (??) became a bit hackish so someone came up with the idea of writing controller programs and guiding those lovely pilots through the skies and talking them down. It really is a fun hobby, but the point is it is very realistic. So much that you can observe as long as you like but you have to sit online exams to progress up the promotional adder. Ground, Tower, Approach and Sector are catered for, at may airports around the world.
    VatsimUk is split into regions such as North, South, Kent, Solent. You do have to sign up to get pilot/controller ID and Password. The place to go to get your id/password is

    Then login with VAtsimUK. Or just browse the sites. I give my word that no surprises are in the offing, just good fun.
    Er..I don't know how to make the link active so you'll have to cut and paste to your address bar. Oh, aye, it's totally free as is the radar software. Of course if you want to be a pilot you have to have MS Flight Sim.
    Jesus! That's a long post. Sorry!

    Edit to say the link does work after all.
  12. Heya fellas, MLP must be off feeding maddie again so I'll do my best to let you know what the craic is regarding the RN's best branch.

    As I understand it under the new training regime you'll first qualify as a Warfare Specialist (17weeks at HMP Collingrad), go to sea on a (frigate or destroyer, no carriers/LPH/LPD) and join the warfare department, on completion of your Warfare Specialist's taskbook you'll be landed for a few weeks at RNAS Yeovilton to do the HC(NT) (Helicopter Controller, Non-Tactical) course, this will give you the basic skills (and a blue book!) required to control aircraft which you'll do as a sideline to your Warfare Specialist job. Once you've then completed the HC(NT) taskbook and the CBRNDC taskbook you'll be eligible to go onto your LACPQC (Leading Aircraft Controller Professional Qualifying Course). This is where you learn what being an AC is actually all about (unfortunately, it's about 2 years+ into your career).

    Day to day wise on ship you'll work as part of the Warfare Department, you'll have a 'part of ship' which you will work with others to maintain (chipping, painting, mopping, polishing, cleaning) and you'll be part of a watch who will work in the ops room and on the bridge when at sea. Chances are when your ship's flight embarks you'll work fairly closely with the flight LAC (pray it's not me, I take lazy and incompetent to new extremes) getting exposure/experience with how an embarked flight operates. It's also likely that the LAC will delegate a few duties to you in order to get you some experience of the admin side of the job (my LAC for example had me keep all the maps and publications up to date), it'll seem like a bit of a shit thing to be lumbered with, but knowledge is power, and having the admin skills weighed off will save your skin when it comes to the LACPQC.

    Any questions, ask here or if you think they're stupid PM them to me so I can post them in lil's to humiliate you.
  13. Cheers for the info captain obvious that's pretty much everything answered!
    Whats the average time period before you would start workin with the likes of fast jets? on carriers etc? I'm guessin a good bit down the line? how many AC's are there usually on a carrier? and how many at an air station? sorry if these are mong questions.
  14. Working with fast jets on a carrier... probably never in all honesty, though the soonest you would be qualified to do so would be at Petty Officer after completing JATCC (Joint Air Traffic Control Course) at RAF Shawbury. Though the Air Traffic guys on carriers tend to be ATC officers and the Fighter Controllers (warfare officer specialisation) tend to live on destroyers.

    As an AC the vast majority of ships open to you will be frigates and destroyers, with a single helicopter flight embarked. As a flight LAC on a small ship you will be the only AC on board, though occasionally (and soon to be come more regularly) there'll be an AB AC on board getting sea experience before going on their own LACPQC, you will of course do this too.

    Air station wise it used to be the case that baby ACs would do 6 months to a year at a control tower working as an air traffic assistant (mega dull!) before heading to sea, this has now stopped and the job is being done by aircraft handlers. Though once you've passed LACPQC you'll be drafted to a squadron and ostensibly be based at either RNAS Yeovilton or RNAS Culdrose, don't expect to spend an awful lot of time there though. Once you've completed the previously mentioned JATCC you'll go to work in a control tower as an Air Traffic Controller and unless you really really want to, at this point you can fairly effectively avoid doing any actual work ever again.
  15. He is never coming back. He is with me now.
  16. Thanks for all the info its helping get a more thorough understanding, however, it's the basics I want to know as well. How long would be an air base until on ship. How long would I be on that ship? Do I then spend more time back at a base and become a cycle?
  17. That's quite a metamorphosis.
  18. Please excuse the awful grammer in my last post, I can't touch type as well as I thought, obviously!
  19. Does the location of where I am based, ie. on a ship or base become a cycle and what time periods are they?

    Soleil, thanks for the quick quip. I will learn to preview my posts from now on.
  20. chocks away ginger!

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