Aircraft Choice and Deployment?

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by catton01, Jan 22, 2009.

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  1. Hi all,

    Just looking for some infomation on Aircraft choice and where they will get deployed and such.

    I have looked on the RN website and looked at what ships carry what aircraft, so that has given me the basics.

    But can anyone give me an idea of which aircraft will spend longer at sea and which would be more likely to be out in the sand?

    I'm heading towards merlin at the mo' just for info.

    Cheers Catton.
  2. Erm, I may be wrong but it's always been you go where the navy needs you. You get a choice but at the end of the day if the boss needs Lynx crews you go Lynx!!!!

    Used to be called 'life in a blue suit'.

    However I am just recalling my past, wait till one of our resident AFCO chaps replies or go to a recruiting office and ask those that can give a current valid answer.
  3. If you want sea - Lynx / Merlin
    If you want sand - Seaking
    If you want life to be a magical mystery tour and not know what the future holds - Harrier
  4. It would have to be option 3 for me if I were starting over again. I love a mystery. :wink:
  5. Yeh from from what i've heard the future does look quite a mystery for the harrier.

    I'm looking to go merlin, is there anyone on here who has worked with them and roughly how much time they have spent at sea?

    Would merlins go to Afghanistan?

  6. They just said, if you want deployment to afghan, you'd really need to go seaking but at the end of the day you won't get a choice - you'll get streamed fast jet or rotor and they'll send you from there. (That's what my AFCO said, anyway although such is the way of things i'll probably get shouted down now lol)

    If you desperately want to fly Merlin in somewhere hot and sandy, join the RAF.
  7. Ok, cheers for the info guys.
  8. For info Seaking Mk7's are deployied to the sand (one aircraft at the mo), If merlin ever gets a Defensive Aids Suite they will probably follow. 847 currently out there but coming home soon. Generally the junglies are sucking up all available manpower particularly greenies and pinkies.
  9. Lynx Mk7*. Wouldn't you have to apply as a Marine first though to join CHF?
  10. No. CHF Marines drive and mend vehicles and only go on the detachments that draw the better pay allowances (i.e. Norway).

    Grey Merlin will not deploy to the 'Ghan as there isn't much role for an ASW a/c out there.
  11. Hi. I've found a couple of posts on this forum regarding the choice of aircraft people want to fly with the navy... I always thought people were streamed to do either what they are best at or what position is most needed???

    Correct me if I'm wrong?
  12. Even when you get streamed at the end of EFT, I thought you still get some choice? One of the guys at Yeovilton said he was told he could go FW but decided he'd actually like to keep his personality and maybe be allowed to move sidewyas and have a ship later on so he said no and went rotary. Is he just talking b*llocks?

    I'm not sure how they'll be in a couple of years but apparently 702 (OCU for Lynx 3/8) is full and not taking anyone on and 845 and 846 (junglies) are desperate for people
  13. In reality - most probably.

    It's quite likely he failed selection for the the zoomies so to save face said what he did.

    Used to hear it all the time in my time as a crewie.
  14. Thought as much! Out of interest, is it actually possible as a WAFU to go straight to green Lynx if there's space, or do they aways pick booties who want to fly first?
  15. No idea these days.

    There used to be an exchange programme in the 80's and 90's.

    Friend of mine did exactly that as a Crewman. Achieved his second pilots license, transfered to AAC, became a full pilot, then became QHI. Now flies A300 Airbus for one of the big airlines.

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