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Aircraft Carriers


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USS Nimitz transit through the Gulf of Oman


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USS Enterprise, first American nuclear powered, carrier returns to Newport News for decommissioning


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I saw the Dwight D Eisenhower the other day Its the first one ive seen up close and personal and I was gobsmacked at the size, awesome bits of kit!


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Some good pics there Scouse, just goes to show how the 'cousins' have developed their carriers. USN will never be without good aircover and attack capabilities. There are a few at the naval yards in Bremmerton awaiting various fates.


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Chockheads Gangnam Style


What was the yank carrier on the film you were shown at Pheonix back in the day, rocket was fired in the hanger, that hit something that set fire to something else and so on till the thing was like a bonfire
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