Aircraft availability rates in the 60s question


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Hi guys,

Does anyone know where I could find out the levels of availability of a/c versus embarked totals on RN carriers in the 60s? E.g. on a normal day, on a sqn of 8-9 aircraft, what was the planned and realistic availability for servicable aircraft to take part in the flying programme?

Cheers for any help!

Off the top of my head no.

But!!! There were enough stats taken regards this field. Each squadron had to supply FOCAS as was then, (Flag Officer Carriers and Amphibious Ships I believe!!)

Every evening the watch chief or someone similar used to supply the affor mentioned command with the numbers of aircraft held, the number serviceable and the number that could could be brought up to readiness PDQ.

You could start at the FAA archive section at Yeovilton and see if they carry such data.
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