Airbus emergency landing at LHR 24 May 13 - Interim Report

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Seadog, May 31, 2013.

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  1. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    The AAIB interim report into last week's sphincter fluttering events over Heathrow has been published.

    Although it is not the Air Accident Investigation Branch's job to apportion blame, it doesn't take much for even the lay reader to point the finger at at least two slackers.

    Air Accidents Investigation: Special Bulletin S3/2013 Published

    I'll be doing my own pre-flight checks in future.
  2. Jesus Christ. How on earth did they miss that?
  3. Makes you wonder!

    On a flight out of Gatwick earlier this year plane was delayed by 4 hours while they sorted out a faulty door lock! Turned out to be a duff relay on the panel reporting a door open when in fact it was firmly locked ... but kinda glad they did check it as it coming open at 30,000ft would be a bit disconcerning!

    I would not want to be the maintainer who signed off that one!
  4. Ahh, come-on guys.

    Kick the tyres - light the fires!!! Thumbs up and away you go.

    Being a pilot is simple!!!

    So a few panels fall off!!!! It's only aesthetics anyway!!!!:grin:
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  5. Hmmmm !! Brings back painful memories ! 1965 ---766 NAS ---Sea Vixen FAW 1 ----young (17 year old ) Junior Radio Electrical Mechanic (Air) Second Class yours truly has just replaced a panel on the lower fuselage . He (me ) thinks that he's replaced the panel correctly ,despite struggling a bit with the DZUS fasteners . Along comes LAM (AE) B....... , who thumps panel , which falls off !! Oh dear !!

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