Air Travel to Spain new rules this week

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Nutty, Jun 10, 2007.

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  1. If you are flying to Spain you will now have to provide extra information for Security reasons. Of course if Uk had signed up to the Schengen Agreement then you would not have to do this.

    New personal information system on flights to Spain

    Next month British travellers flying to Spain will be required to give specific personal information before boarding their flight, according to a new US-style entry procedures applied by the Spanish airport authorities which will come into force on 13th June.

    The new rule, issued by the Spanish Ministry of the Interior will apply only to countries that are not signed up to the Schengen treaty, an agreement which allows free travel, without presentation of a passport, between EU member states that signed the treaty. Britain is not a Schengen member.

    The system about to be enforced by the Spanish government is known as API (Advance Passenger Information) and, according to the new regulations, passengers who do not submit the required information (including full given names, surnames, nationality, date of birth and number of travel document – passport or ID) risk being barred from flights. Travellers to Spain will be required to give the information either to the travel agency or, if they have booked online, at the check-in desk. If the airlines fail to provide the Spanish authorities with the API information of passengers on board, they face fines of up to 60,000 euros.

    Some airlines fear delays because of the fact that the check-in on flights to Spain will now take longer, although some airlines are expected to create mechanisms to enable them to get the information prior to check in to avoid delays.

    Easyjet has already announced this on its website, although it is still not clear exactly what the procedure will be: “As a web based company easyJet will collect this information in advance online and will shortly announce details of what passengers need to do, by emailing affected customers with details of the new procedure. Information will also be available on our website. EasyJet is aware of the change in requirements and is working with the Spanish authorities to achieve compliance as soon as possibleâ€.

    British Airways has already adapted its online booking system, enabling passengers to enter their API information via the Manage my Booking facility. Passengers making an online booking with BA will be prompted to supply the information at the time of booking or prior to arrival at the airport. The airline also intends to set up a self-service kiosk at airports where passengers will also be able to enter the necessary information.

  2. Cheers Nutty. Just booked a Ryanair flight to Jerez and forewarned is forearmed (as opposed to four-armed, either of which would be silly and might prevent me from being allowed to board the aircraft).
  3. Nutty - thanks for this - your list doesn't seem onerous though or am I missing the point? "full given names, surnames, nationality, date of birth and number of travel document – passport or ID."

    Travel without documents within the EU was a nice idea in the early days of the Union !!!
  4. That probably means yet another 'extra' charge by Ryanair.
  5. Thanks for the advice Nutty, hoping to travel to Spain soonest (down your way actually) and will expect that info to be asked for when I book...

  6. Golden Rivet the Schengen Agreement is not a nice idea from the early days of the Union it is in been in place for the following Countries and came into force between 1995 and 2001:

    Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.

    Only two countries in the EC have not signed up UK and Ireland. I can travel from home to any of the fifteen listed countries using only my UK driving licene to check in at Airports. No other border controls, normal speed when moving from Spain to France by car is 120kph.

  7. Nutty if the uK signed up to the deal can you imagine just how many more unwanted illegal immigrants would take advantage of the situation?
    No thanks I prefer our system to stay as it is.
  8. To be fair Nutty Schengen only regularised what had been happening for years. I first started travellin 'sur le continent' back in the late 50s and well remember the long queuques at borders as passports and often baggage was checked, but by the 70s the Europeans had all but given up border controls at most ports and land borders, only at airports did the old habits remain. Schengen simply regularised this and included the airports. The UK wory has always been the leaky nature of many of the 'front line' EU borders as manifested recently by the Sangatte camp in France. I think the UK will only contemplate joining in when the rest of the EU tighten their own border controls against the ecconomic migrants rather than just pushing those they find on to the next EU state.
  9. Maxi
    You put that in a much more succinct way than I ever could.
  10. I believe the main reason for the UK and Ireland not being in the Schengen agreement is that it was generally agreed that those countries were not able to effectively patrol their borders.
    No fault of their own, simply that being islands it makes the job all nigh impossible.
    The Spanish have probably the largest problem with illegal immigration in the EU. The news every day shows yet more rafts of hopeful immigrants, the lucky ones who don't drown en route, being hooked out of the oggin by the Guardia Civil and the Navy.
    The upside of this is that the Guardia Civil and the Navy own some very impressive fast patrol boats. Which alongside their immigration work regularly patrol the entire coast doing document checks and enforcing boating rules. It is not at all unusual to be hauled over to have registration and insurance docs (both compulsory in Spain) checked.
    It would be much simpler if the Uk were to join the Schengen agreement, despite the control difficulties, given that EU rules dictate free movement of people and goods across borders.
    Given the above I do not believe that the general cursory glance given to EU passports entering Spain will change.
    BA as mentioned already has the facility to add/change passport details in the booking, and you'll be prompted to do this for any destinations that require it.
  11. even with the terrible spelling.
  12. Am I missing the point but I don't remember ever booking an overseas flight where I didn't have to give my personal details and show a passport on departure? Is this really an issue bearing in mind that you have to produce ID even for internal flights in UK?
  13. Slightly.
    What will be happening is called API (Advanced passport information) whereby the receiving country of the flight will have the passengers passport details before the flight arrives; probably before the flight leaves the departure airport.
    It is now necessary to have to show ID for any flight within the EU Schengen country or not.
  14. Yes you are, before you just showed your passport at check-in and a quick flash as you entered the Airside area. As Sussex says, now the information has to be collected, written down and passed onto Spain of all passengers, it is currently practice if you wish to travel to the USA.

    In the old days lots of countries expected you to fill in a card before landing. That info now has to be sent before take off. As just about the biggest daily destination from UK is Spain and a lot of the passengers are not the sharpest knives in the draw delays are expected.

  15. OK, that makes sense, but surely this is an administrative issue for the airline. Personally speaking I have no objection to providing the information in advance and would far rather this arrangement than a carte blanche right of access for all and sundry.
  16. It is easy to administrate if you book on line or check in on line but lots of folk still do not have that access.
  17. As the US has been requiring this for some time I think most ot the required procedures etc have been sorted out.
  18. Cheers Nutty,

    We are on our way in July, we will doublecheck with our agent .


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