Air traffic controller application process.

Hi there!

Currently in the process of applying for the Navy as an air traffic controller if you had'nt already guessed :D

Although my careers advisor at my local afco has been incredibly helpful up until this point because the branch or the process to enter this branch has only been introduced at the beginning of the year he himself is a little unsure of what the process is.

Ive heard its the same as the process for anyone applying to be a pilot or observer and medicals and fitness tests are held down at Dartmouth but im still none the wiser really.

I was originally applying for a position of comms tech but the wait has just shot up to 18 months so as such alternative routes are being considered, i have 180 UCAS points so thats not an issue and im running my 2.4km [Mile and a half!] around 9 minutes 30 but im merely wondering if the physical tests will be harder and wether or not i have to take any more written exams or papers above and beyond the psychometric test i completed so i can make doubly sure i prepare for it.

Any help or a point in the right direction would be most helpful.

I'm currently waiting for my AIB date for ATC officer.

You will need to go to Cranwell before AIB in order to do the FATS (fllight aptitude tests). These test for pilot, observer and ATC. I believe if you pass for your chosen branch, you then go on to the AIB at some later date. If you don't pass the FATs, then you go to AIB but for another branch. Apparently.

Apart from the aptitude tests, the process is exactly the same I believe.

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