Air Traffic Control Officer: Info Please

Anyone have experience with this job? The options open to me are Logistics Officer and Air Traffic Control Officer. As I said in another post I am looking for the role with the most time at sea and I recently found out that in Logistics you don't get alot!

Can someone fill me in on some details of the Air Traffic Control role including how likely I am to get to work on a carrier as opposed to an air feild? Also, if working at an air feild, where am I likely to end up?

Hi Jay
Having looked into the ATCO role a while back and with the composition of the RN at present, the probable answer to your questions is -

1) ATCO is diff to fighter controller etc in that you are keeping things apart, rather than putting them together. I would imagine the number of ATCO billets onboard one of the current capital ships (inc Ocean as well as Ark Royal etc) is very small if any.

2) Yeovilton and Culdrose both have ATCOs and I imagine a posting there would be almost guaranteed at some point. Dont know about requirements at Joint Harrier Force bases etc.

3) It will be many years until (or if!) we ever get the QEII and Prince of Wales so dont put your eggs in that basket just in case they come along. I would imagine opportunities would still be as limited for onboard ATCOs as they are at present anyhow.

Basically, if you are looking at getting the most seatime out of a branch, stick with applying to be a Pusser.

On that note however, whichever way you decide to go, stick with one option and find out everything you can about it (training locations, careers progression, branch structures etc) because when you get to an AIB they are going to grill you to the final detail about it.

Once you have settled on a choice try and stick with it - Logistics is a hard branch to get in to and if they even get a mere whiff that its not your preferred choice, or that you are "Just doing it to get in" they will prob take that into account. I know a couple of guys trying for Logs when i did an AIB when i left school - both similar to you in that eyesight limited their application options. Both had wanted really to be Warfare officers and they got well and truly roasted. One had it made very clear to him that his "indifferent attitude to the role and career path of a logistics officer" was very much held against him!

Best of luck mate and keep looking around. Logs is an interesting branch and its like any job - there are ways and means of getting the things you want out of it, if you work hard enough.



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