Air Experience Course, 727 NAS at RAF Leeming - 21st July

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by JaFAA, Jul 10, 2009.

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  1. Anyone off to this???? Or has anyone been to one and wanna tell me what it's like?

    Sounds pretty fun... gonna get to go in a plane! 8O
  2. Re: Air Experience Course, 727 NAS at RAF Leeming - 21st Jul

    My guess is that you'll be fitted for a helmet and coveralls, and then given a safety brief, and then have 45-60 mins flying experience, with an opportunity to take the controls, and to do some aerobatics.

    Should be great fun - Many years ago Leeming was the base for the RN's elementary flying training - we lived at Leeming, as did the Bulldogs, and we flew daily from Topcliffe, so we did not get in the way of the grown-ups!
  3. We received 40 mins flying at Yeovilton on a 'Potential Air Officer Experience Day'.
    Then an enthusiastic chat about JSF, good chats to some trainee pilots on holdover, and a tour around ATC (was I the only one interested in that?),a walk around the historic flight.

    It was well worth it
  4. Awesome.

    Okay next question. If it's just a bit of a tour and a go in a plane, can anyone think why the e-mail I received would say "Candidates should also bring Sports Kit, Trainers and Wash Kit".

    The timetable doesn't mention anything that might need this??!?

    The time table is as follows:

    9:00 Shares
    9:30 Arrive
    9:45 Welcome
    10:00 DVD & FS
    10:30 SE Fit
    10:45 Flt Brief
    11:30 Fly
    12:15 Land
    12:45 Lunch
    14:15 FAA Brief
    15:00 FN100 Vid
    15:30 CNR Brief
    16:15 Cse Q&A
    16:30 SE Return
    16:45 Depart

    I don't see any sports activities there...?!
  5. Re: Air Experience Course, 727 NAS at RAF Leeming - 21st Jul


    What did the answer to your last question turn out to be?

  6. "Dog Watch Sports"!!!!

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