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Just filled an application to join as an air engineering tech. Got a book of example questions for the standard test from the AFCO. However, I understand that ET's take another test on mechanical comprehension and what not. Does anyone have a rough idea what this test covers so i can look to have a little practise before?

Thanks if anyone can help,


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They're both very good examples to be honest and are about as accurate a reflection as you can expect.

It's a great pity the RN do not have online examples like the RAF but you can get a practice test book from your AFCO- the issue is speed- practice against the clock & for AET make sure you're good at maths!

Good luck anyway!
simonjc said:
me? I'm a student
The remark was aimed at SgtP not you Simon.
As you cannot join directly to the regulating branch SgtP must have served in a different branch before recatting.
Now we all take the piss out of reggies (while they aint on the same ship) and say that they have all failed at their choosen source branch. :thumright:
simonjc said:
Thanks for the feedback! Also does anyone know the name of the secound test I take specific to the engineering branch?

What was the RE test, which was the test that all out Artificers(Tiffs) used to take, has now been suspended. Therefore, you only sit the RT test but need to be getting approx 70 marks out of the 120 on offer. You also need to score well in the numeracy section of the RT.

The books and sites mentioned earlier will help you in preparation for the RT.

Hope it all goes well

Neil - Supermario

Ok thanks alot, I had read on a pdf from the navy website that the Air engineers took a secound test to test your poteintal as an engineer. I guess this is outdated information then?
we will test your ability at Sultan at drinking tea - the hotter the more points, your ability to sleep whilst you oppos fight fires/floods around you.

finally and most importantly your ability to wind up the general service with your constant referral to being better than them


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simonjc said:
Ok thanks alot, I had read on a pdf from the navy website that the Air engineers took a secound test to test your poteintal as an engineer. I guess this is outdated information then?
Correct, as Supermario says, the additional mathematics test has been suspended.

It's a bit of a mystery why considering the high failure rate, but that's the current situation.

Good luck.
Your last statement confirms the error in the change of training from tiffs and mechanics to a single AET scheme.

Being able to integrate and differentiate does not reflect on your ability to conduct flight servicing, or other planned maintenance under supervision.
Under the old system talented mechanics could progress with mechanical aptitude and hardwork (standfast pinkies), academically talented ones could stream as mechanicians (tiffs who discovered they were clever at a later age).

Today the prime mover is academic ability, thus would be talented air mechanic's are stream at the AFCO to other trades.
Why are the RN fixated on gaining civilian qualifications at the beginning of your career, it should come later.


The person specification for AET falls between a 16 year old school leaver (not academically gifted at present) and university graduate (officer material).

Three solutions

Go back to the old tiff mech scheme.

De power the academic content at the beginning and introduce in (works time) compulsory relevant academic courses in the field. Tutor lead Open University MU120 MST121.

Train for the Navy`s needs not civilian qualifications.

Outside now 6 months no employer is interested in my Artificers course qualifications it is my experience and interview confidence that impresses.

Constructive criticism over.
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