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Hi, Im new to this forum although have been following it for sometime now to keep updated on the latest news on my trade. I have passed my recruit test and sat this at the start of August and was quoted a waiting time of 24 months however I came across the sticky thread regarding the updated waiting lists for trades as of September 2010 does this mean that my waiting time has been pushed back to the updated time of 30 months for an AET?

Thanks in advance :)
Thanks for the reply as I was curious as to what waiting list applied to me, im quite disheartened by this news however as will alot of potential AET's im just wondering whether trying for another trade is a viable option for me with less of a exhausting waiting list? im just eager to join the Navy in any capacity that appeals to me of course.


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Mate my honest advice would be to wait it out, like many of the prospective AET's on this site I have been waiting over a year, and will probably have to wait another year before I join. From what ive heard its a great job (and before you ask 2 of my cousins are AETs) I had exactly the same thoughts as you but on a positive note at least your in the 'queue', other job waiting times may increase as well.
Thanks for your reply, I see what your saying and the job does look really appealing, I think ill take your advice and just look for an occupation in the meantime. Im 21 at the minute just come out of uni so i do kind of have time on my side but it is an agonising wait! do you have any recommendations to do meanwhile in terms of preparing and improving my chances?



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From experience get yourself an RNAC (Royal Navy aquiant course) i'm sure most of the guys would advise you to do it. Also keep on top of your fitness, I struggled on my RNAC and now im having to work extra hard to get into shape. I'm sure others will have suggestions as well though.
Cheers for the suggestions Yorkie I'll definately enquire about that for sure, ive been gyming it quite frequently lately just to keep on top of my game. I studied Media Film and television in university soleil but its something i really do not wish to pursue a career in media I lost the hunger in that avenue within the end of my 2nd year but decided to stick it out anyway, if i could change anything it would most certainly of been to join up as soon as I was legal
I have indeed, but the only thing that appealed to me at officer level was Aircrew officer pilot, which i actually applied for with RAF but failed to meet medical requirements (hayfever) I know i could potentially become an officer if i saw the training through but I do feel i lack the confidence and commanding presence to lead, so i opted against this route unfortunately
For those of you wishing to join the FAA either as an AET...or Occifer....after a few years you will be smiling and pat youself on the back and say................thank fcuk I joined the FAA...........really you will.

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