Air Engineering technician? important questions? Please help

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by krisbnt, Jan 4, 2007.

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  1. Hello all, Ive posted a few topics on here in the last few days and got to say a big thanks as alot of you have made alot of sense and made me come to alot of decisions. Anyhow im sorting of leaning towards applying for air technician now but have got a few questions you might be able to help me with. (by the way ive done all the tests etc for tiff which are still in date so no probs there)
    A) As an air technician how much time would you spend at sea, the only reason i ask this is i feel you might not feel part of the navy if your always at RAF bases?
    B) Do 'other' sailors still see you as part of the community, It all seems pretty closely knit on bored but feel the air arm is slightly seperate from the other
    C) Ive also considered the communications and information systems specialist and comms technician. Does anyone feel these might be a better option
    THANKS GUYS (and GIRLS) Kris
  2. Re: Air Engineering technician? important questions? Please

    i am currently go through the appication phase myself. the one thing i have learnt is do what you want to do, if you want to be an AET go for it, if you want to do com's go for it, it is up to you.
    at the end of the day you are the one getting up in the morning or middle of the night going to do the trade that you chosse, so it might as well be a trade that you want to do doesn't matter what other trades call you.

    for example i used to serve in the TA i served as a "bleep" "scaly back" or properly called a signaler in the royal corp of signals, but i did my job and enjoyed it. just i saw the RN and saw somthing better.
    hope this helps

  3. Re: Air Engineering technician? important questions? Please

    hi kris just to answer your questions

    A) As an AET the time you spend at sea is upto you as i previously mentioned in another of your posts it depends on what aircraft you want to work on Jets, Seaking Mk5 & 6 or Seaking Mk4 Lynx & Merlin.
    Jets i have no real idea about but you will spend most of your time on a RAF base. Seaking Mk 5 & 6 ,Merlin are based at RNAS Culdrose and as these type of aircraft are to Extend the ships " eye & ears " then you can guarentee you will do a considerable amount of sea time. Lynx are based at Yeovilton and they also do a considerable time at sea as you are drafted to a ships flight. Seaking Mk4 which are the navy's commando Helicopters spend there time on ship traveling to countries for land based operations. They also do various exercises on ships as they work very closely with the royal marines and special forces.
    B) as you already know other sailors call us WAFU's but this is done in jest and when your onboard ship although people moan about a flight being onboard you still have a good crack with the ships company. Having only worked on seaking Mk4 for my career (10 years) we have a slightly closer knit society as you spend alot of the time In the Field with each other and alot of trust is formed between you and your buddy. To a point though the fleet air arm is a little seperate from general service. If you have anymore questions dont hesitate to give me a shout

  4. Re: Air Engineering technician? important questions? Please

    Hey guys
    Just wondering something..

    Im joining as an AET in the Navy. What qualification do I get at the end of my Phase 2? I heard it is a degree or equivilent. Is this true? and if so, which kind of degree is it?

  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Holy Thread Resurrection & welcome.

    You certainly don't get a degree after completing initial trade training, more like an NVQ2.

    You get a foundation degree after completing Petty Officer's qualifying course.

  6. If you a streamed down the Harrier route "Yes".

    Yes, we do stick together, safety in numbers!!! You have to remind the ships company on a aircraft carrier, that it is designed to carry aircraft!!!
  7. We are all part of the ''Bigger Picture'' we just never see what the picture is.
  8. NVQ2 binned now.
  9. Still doing them down at Culdrose, unless its something they're stopping for brand new sprogs.
  10. I'm at Sultan ATM and they're still doing NVQ2's.

    You only go to an RAF base if you wanna go on zoomies (jets).

    In my short time in the navy I've spoken to a lot of people that wish they'd joined up as WAFU's but not a lot of WAFU's (none) that wished they'd joined up as something else. Make of that what you will. I'm certainly looking forward to going to my first draft (Sea King Culdrose).

    Sea time really does matter on what A/C you go for but if you wanna go to sea there'll certainly be nothing stopping you from volunteering yourself.
  11. A work mate here recently asked for his NVQ2 that he did years a go, the Navy would only pay for one and said it would be best to keep the NVQ 2 in credit and have the NVQ 3 after killicks course. He never did killicks course and went outside. On asking for the NVQ 2 held in credit he was told they were binned a few years back?

    Why change branch, you can only go down hill!
  12. How Smart? - - AET Question

    Hi All

    I am in the process of application to join as an AET. How smart do you need to be to go through this? This is something I really want to do and it states on the Navy website no qualifications are needed so would people with reasonable brain apptitude be OK?

    Also.. what does WAFU mean? (Sorry to be a dumb ass!) Thanks for your comments..
  13. You can be thick as pigshit mate, you're only looking after aircraft so it doesn't matter if you can't tell a nut from a bolt. Being able to use crayons and keep within the lines in a colouring book should suffice.
  14. Re: Air Engineering technician? important questions? Please

    Wet and f*cking useless. Just banter. if you pass the aptitude test and are prepared to study for exams ( you will have these weekly in phase 2 a) you shouldn't have any snags.
  15. Re: Air Engineering technician? important questions? Please

    Sea time in some areas negligible - my son has just completed 11 years with all spent on Junglies or at Yeovilton... managed in that time to do 6 - 8 weeks at sea in dont think that by joining the navy you will always be involved with ships...
  16. Re: Air Engineering technician? important questions? Please

    Ah I see, given from jealousy by thick o's who can't make the WAFU grade hey!

    Better brush up on my coloring too!

    Thanks a lot.

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