air engineering technician - advice needed please

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by masha35, Aug 19, 2009.

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  1. Hi. I am thinking seriously about signing up as an aircraft techie but got some very strong advice against it recently. This bloke in the reserves said its a terrible job as you spend 'years' doing everything with a supervisor over yr shoulder as you work etc, with no responsibilty or job satisfaction. He laso said promotion was very very slow and hard to achieved in that field. Im 35 at the moment and so cant risk going for something thats well known for being a dead ender role or very very slow in progress.

    Is the advice a load of rubbish or is he on the money ??

    Any help appreciated,,thanks
  2. He's talking out of his arse. He obviously NEEDED constant supervision!

    I'm sending you a PM.

  3. He must be a Fishead :lol: :lol: Best job in the FAA Loads of early chops, drinking ,sport ,make and mend, run ashore, with your squadron oppos, great set of lads. Even better than being an aircrewman :lol: :lol:
  4. All work on aircraft is supervised. However that does not always mean that someone is looking over your shoulder all the time. As your supervisors work with you they will get to know your strengths and weaknesses. Eventually you should find that you will be given a job to do, your supervisor will then inspect the job either when you have completed it or at stages of the job. The supervisor is putting his rate on the line everytime he signs in a supervisor status. You will also be putting your job on the line every time you sign for unsupervised work such as a D.I. (daily inspection) T.R. (Turn Round) or N.F.C. (Night Flying Conditional)
    These terms may have changed during the 24 years since I left, but the supervision aspect most certainly will not have.
    An AET is one of the few jobs in the RN where you are responsible for the lives of people using the equipment you are working on.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

  6. AETs at action stations :wink: :wink:
  7. Masha

    Have you already been into your nearest AFCO to talk to a RN Careers Advisor?
  8. Hi. Thanks, first of all, for all the quick replies. Had an inkling he was full of it!

    Sounds like i could get a lot out of it. Its really key that the job helps me after, especially given my age. I wont have time in my late forties to mess around and find new avenues etc. So yr exp makes me feel better.

    How long (on average ) does it take to get to the next rank? I mean at 35 now, 36 ish trained and then a 12 year stint,,,what would be a realistic end rank be? I know its hard to say, but approx.

    I was also looking at warfare specialist, mainly because it seems interesting too and good technically etc etc...thoughts on that?

    thx again
  9. not yet......wanted to ask people on here first , before i get swept away with the careers people. better to be well armed before reading the glossy brochures etc. Will go next week.
  10. Life as an AET is brilliant - remember wherever the jet goes and consequently breaks down - you go with it! sometimes its nice places sometimes they are bloody brilliant. And now adays thanks to CentralHotel Booking Systems you always end up in a nice hotel!

    if you are on board as fish head you go where the ship goes, usually to the cheapest place to dock - not very nice.

    Also life is a lot easier - take me for example this morning i have laminated some lists put holes in them and attached some treasury tags this took 40 minutes - i think i have peaked and am now taking it a little bit easier! this afternoon i am going to move some wooden pallets with the fork lift provided and then sit back down and await your replies on this post!!
  11. Hmm!!!! Fly Navy You have to take the rough with the Smooth :wink: :wink: Sometimes you will be drafted AED Ships Company,Still very much enjoyable :lol: without the 5 Star hotel facilities, that is available for the Squadron boys,when detached!!! :lol: :lol:
  12. scouse, done 2 front liners as AED and thoroughly enjoyed it! once you have done AED you always do AED!!

    i was hoping for that until family circumstances changed and i got married and didnt want to be seperated from mrs fn
  13. Masha

    It might be worth ringing the AFCO up and asking if you can go to the Introductory Presentation. The AFCOs do them weekly and it's a good place to start.
  14. If you have the ability to become an AET do not even think about warfare specialist. AET will give you the training and skills that can be utilised when you eventually emerge back into the civie world. Warfare Specialist?
  15. so long as you don't join a junglie squadron and spend ur existence at yeovilton or somewhere hot and nasty. Can't speak for the branch as a whole but attritiion rate in the Junglie sqdns is very high
  16. I'm also thinking about this, hopefully going into the careers office tomorrow. Anyone know what the waiting list is like?
  17. No, but I'm sure there will be magazines to read.
  18. I'm calm, just used the quick reply so no smilies :) What's WAFU?

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