Air engineering or weapons engineering ?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Rk7794, Jan 5, 2015.

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  1. Sorry in advance if this has been discussed in the past but I'm currently going through the recruitment process with my medical at the start of February. I'm currently joining as an AET but have been having second thoughts as I think I may prefer weapons engineering so I'm just wanting more information such as day to day goings on of each trade to help me make my decision
  2. One spends the majority of time at sea. A lot of time asleep.

    The other spends the majority of time ashore, weekends off, 24 about, floor doesn't rock from side to side.

    I'll leave the decision to you

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  3. WE.
  4. Having done both, I would say WE.
  5. One of the big draws for me is time at sea if I wanted to be on a base all the time I would of joined the crab fat ******* as my recruiter calls them which is making me lean towards weapons engineering but I don't know if the two new carriers will change this
  6. If time at sea is what you want then it's WE.

    Even when the carriers are up and running I can't see WE getting less sea time than AE.
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  7. Does anybody know the qualifications you will gain with both trades ?
  8. For the Wafu trade
    1. Clicky Bed erection safety diploma
    2. Early Chop activity co-originator
    3. Hanger and Broom maintenance certificate
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  9. Having done neither job. I was ME. The air always looked more attractive. The WE lads had it pretty easy but the Air took the piss. Air had more interesting quals on leaving. Unless you want to stay in the weapons field as a civi.

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  10. You forgot expert story tellers, especially on a Friday with a 700 full of snags!

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  11. Could you get your private aircraft engineering licenses while serving as an AET?
  12. Yes, but why would you need them?

    They have a time limit, and the pusser isn't going to put you through the course. Join the crabs I believe some aircraft types have the type courses as part of the training.

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  13. How often do you get time at sea as an AET
  14. It was more for when i come towards the end of my Navy career, because i thought you had to have them to work on civilian aircraft.
  15. Neggers Cheggers.

    You can get funding to do them of your own back. Be Careful once you've done the first exam the clock is ticking.

    If you want to earn the big bucks it helps, however the experience you get in the mob goes a bit of the way. Where I work we have a mix of non and licensed engineers, however it's mostly military aircraft.

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  16. Sam

    Sam Midshipman

    Depends where you take your career - If you go Junglie you will never go to sea, Go the small ships route (Merlins or Wildcat as will you'll get your share of ships, Or in a few years go fixed wing - The new Zoomie! You will hardly ever go to sea but seem to think you are always at sea, with short, occasional visits to a carrier, normally just in time to get back to Pompey, then hold the whole ship up from going on leave, or ditching the gash, because you will have been away from Yeovil for almost a week and need to block the gangways unloadin your gear!!!!! But whichever route you take it will be better than WE. Royal Navy by choice, Fleet Air Arm by ability! Well done and good luck
  17. I wouldn't worry about just yet. Crack on with your career. To be thinking about what you want to do after is good but not the best motivation to go as far as you can in the mob. We had a baby tiff on 820 who is now the Commanding Officer (Cdr) of the same squadron and a Pilot.

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  18. Sam

    Sam Midshipman

    But to be more serious, As an AET if you go on a squadron, you will swap between Front and 2nd line, 2nd line is based on the squadron all that time, generally you will work 24 about (24 hours on watch, 24 off (although you wont actually be at work for 24 hours, it is just a late finish at night, followed by an early start in the morning)), but you get every other afternoon off, and a lay in the following day! There are some variations to that watch pattern. Front line time will be attached to a flight, which could move from Ship to ship, You start work when you have to, and finish when you have to - can be long long hours! Your front line time will be for about 24 months as an AET. Your other alternative for Front line would be as part of the Air Engineering Department for the new carriers, if thats the case, your entire draft is to that ship, so you stay on it all the time instead of hopping on and off, at the moment an AED draft is 18 months as an AET. The QEZ is manning up rapidly now, but you will be in training for a year, so by the time you are ready for front line time it will just about be up and running.

    As a WE, I agree with previous posts, you will probably spend more of your career at sea (well on a ship, that does not mean "at sea") and I think your job will be either resetting peoples passwords for their log-on, or waiting for a contractor to come out to fix your gear
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  19. I used to love popping down to Nelson and seeing how the other half live

    Glad I never had a AED draft.

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  20. out of curiosity whats a baby tiff? :D

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