Air Engineering Officer?

I'm looking into becoming an AEO and joining the Royal Navy. Are there any current AEOs that could give me an insiders view on what it's like? Day to day duties but also length/frequency of deployments and so on?

I've got an Aerospace Engineering degree and think the Navy has much more to offer me than a civilian route - camaraderie, travel, not your usual 9-5 etc. But naturally it's a pretty big lifestyle change so I'm trying to figure out if I'm suitable.


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Have you been to the careers office yet?

Your ACLO can put you in touch with serving AEs and there are Potential Officer Courses (POCs) for most branches.
I rang my local one and am going tomorrow to have a chat!

Yeah it would be great to do a POC to get a bit more of a taste of it.

Thanks for your response!
How did you get on?

Good thank you - I've now started my online application form in the hope that once I complete it I might get on a POC at some point, which will help confirm the navy is right for me. Most things we discussed were already familiar, got a bunch of leaflets etc with info/tips which is always good. Main takeaway was about doing as much fitness prep before Dartmouth as possible (provided I reach that stage!).

But yeah hopefully I'll be able to speak to a serving AEO soon!