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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by matt277, Feb 7, 2015.

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  1. Do air engineer technicians in the navy, get the same training/ qualifications as aircraft engineers in the army?
  2. All three services get more or less the same. It's just delivered over different time scales. I believe the RN do a foundation degree now?

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  3. It's all different from my day, seems that if you cannot cut it as a mechanician you will be stuck as an OD and never make killick or PO. Shame as we had a number of mechanics who made extremely good Leading hands and even petty officers but would never have made it on Mechs course.
  4. Don't get many 3 badge AB's these days, either get to killick and stay or leave after their first front liner

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  5. 3 badge ABs ?
  6. Those with three good conduct badges (indicating 12 years mans time) who have not being rated leading hand
  7. Is air technician engineer not a trade that offers quick promotion then?
  8. Promotion is based on ability, the three badge ABs we were talking about were from a previous era when the RN had a two tier system. There were mechanics in one tier and in the other were Mechanicians and Tiffs (spit) these were interchangeable and more highly skilled than the mechanics.
    It was always possible for the brighter mechanic to be selected for mechanician training and so shift across.
    However as always some mechanics slipped through the selection system and though they could pass basic training they were unable to pass the subsequent examinations which lead to leading hand and then petty occifer.
    hence they stayed able rate for their whole career.
    These were not useless people though, many were bright and able to turn their hand at other things, as a three badger they could normally be relied on to take youngsters under their wing and pass on their experience.
    All were extremely good at dodging work , duties, dirty jobs and the like and could normally manage to get a cushy number such as chiefs messman, stores liason and the better communal duties.:D
  9. Is this now becoming part of the training?
  10. How does it work nowhere days?
  11. There are only AET's (no mechs or tiffs) in truth everybody is now a tiff.

    Keep you nose clean, work hard, don't be the squadron cock and you will do well.

    There is no field gun anymore to guarantee you at least made CPO!!

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  12. Thanks JFH! I start training in April, do you think by the time i've done both basic and my phase 2 i could get on the new Aircraft careers?
  13. Do you mean Carriers?

    You will need to qualify on an aircraft type (QM/QS). If you want to get on the QE type I suggest avoiding Lynx (or not putting it as a preference). However once QM/QS you are not guaranteed to get a front liner on type, you could get ships company (air engineering workshops).

    Prob best not to worry and just go with the flow! Don't worry sometimes you feel like your dipping out but really you are just not dipping in as much as others

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  14. That's the one ;)
    Ah seems understandable; i better concentrate on just getting through training first. Baby steps!
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  15. I QM/QS'd on Seaking 5, was then sent to 849 HQ (seaking Mk 2). Then back to Mk 5 (820) followed by Search and Rescue to Canberra, Sea Harriers and the Crab Harriers. Never did ships company but did spend a few years teaching in the Harrier school.

    My last 6 months was in charge of the arm role bay at Cottesmore however the WO was out of area and I had two corporals who were fighting for promotion to SGT so I spent most of the time in resettlement

    So that tells you that your career can move around a bit.

    3 Naval Bases (Raleigh, Daedalus & Sultan)

    2 Naval Air Stations (CU & VL)

    3 Crab Bases (Wyton, Wittering & Cott)

    (Only 6 ships, embarked as part of a squadron/flight). (Ark, Lusty, Invinc, Engadine, Fort Vic, Fort Grange).

    Good luck, hopefully you'll get JSF and get to Marham, please continue my crab baiting when you get there

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  16. I like the idea of moving around a lot. i get very, very itchy feet (that might be the athletes foot though...). Getting on JSF is more of a dream than a goal haha, and i shall continue your legacy :D
  17. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    The 'E' stands for 'Engineering' not 'Engineer'. As an experienced LET Engineering Council registration as an Engineering Technician is possible. As a Senior Rate, the rate is still 'Engineering Technician' although Incorporated Engineer registration is possible. Or it is for ME ratings.

    There is a bit too much playing fast and loose with engineering ratings' titles.
  18. Seadog
    If you think that the term Engineer is being abused in the RN wait until you enter civie street.
    The term is so widely used it has been denigrated to the same level as industrial cleaning operatives.
    My title in Civie street was Senior Field engineer (
    Qualified to ONC) (BAe) and Electrical field engineer (qualified to HNC) at Molins engineering.
    I never referred to myself as an engineer holding an ONC qualified me to Technician status with the Engineering council, qualified to HNC gave me technician Engineer status with the same council.
    Too many these days are using and abusing the title that it is now worthless.
  19. ...and as for "Nail Technicians"...
  20. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    I know you know that the registration hierarchy and history Slim, I'm including it for the benefit of those who don't.

    The 'Technician Engineer' post nominals were replaced by IEng a long time ago and its qualifiyng level has been
    raised to a first degree or, in the case of IMarEST members, an Unlimited Chief Engineer Certificate of Competency. The RN have an arrangement with IMarEST and other Professional Institutions, licenced by the Engineering Council who register qualified Senior Rates - with a foundation degree - or what I prefer to call; an enhanced HND or a Foundation for a Degree - as IEng.

    Being an engineer isn't all about qualifications and post nominals but more about knowledge and understanding the why,
    however it is aquired, application and competence. I certainly don't reserve the title for the Chartered variety and dislike the snobbery that some Chartered correspondents to the engineering press apply to the bloke who fixes / checks your domestic boiler.

    But rating recruits are not joining as 'engineers' as they so often aver, but 'Engineering Technicians' and it'll be around 4 years before they are; as Leading Rates, eleigible for EngTech (Engineering Technician) registration.

    There is a complimentary thread on ARRSE somewhere with input from a few members of this board.
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