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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Rookie-WWFC, Jan 25, 2009.

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  1. Whilst I await my medical, I just wondered if anyone could tell me a bit about air engineer technicians in the fleet air arm.

    I've passed the psychometric test with a 'very good' score but i wasn't told what but I was told I had my pick of jobs to apply for and chose air engineer technician which I then passed the interview for.

    Could anyone tell me why they're called WAFU's and what the job and pay are like? I am quite interested in it and with aviation a growing field it would be a good trade to be in so am committed to it.

    With my 'very good' score is it a good job to be in or are there other more challenging job's? Interestingly my brother who applied at the same time was told he was one of the first people to be offered an air traffic controller job as a rating because of his 'very good' score when he had initially applied as something which he was told he had too high a score for, I presume he scored higher than me but he's not a lot cleverer than me just a few years older so I assume I had already selected a challenging job?

    Any help much appreciated, wish i could be more succinct.
  2. Well done on your good pass.

    Not going to answer any of your questions bar one. I have been away from the world of Woo's since 1992 so hopefully someone more current will answer those.

    As for WAFU. - We Are Fuggin' Unique.

    Although our friends in the General Service have a different read on that!!!! :lol: :lol: Something along the lines of wet and fuggin' useless. There only jealous!!! :wink:
  3. WAFU... there's a million and one takes on that one, though Wet and Fcking Useless is the most common interpretation.

    Pay is the same as almost everyone else; approx 13k under training and just over 16k afterwards, rising incrementally every year. Submariners get paid more once they get their dolphins, divers and MAs (I think?) are on the higher pay band so also get a bit extra.

    As for it being a 'good' job to be in, that's very subjective, there are other jobs which can potentially require more thinking and give you more personal responsibility, definitely jobs that require more work. Though not many that will give you as much shore time and a really stable career (as far as location is concerned) as AET.

    Go into your AFCO, ask about AC and CT (they're the only two jobs likely to have a higher RT score requirement than AET and therefore theoretically be more mentally challenging), have a look at the literature and see if it's more appealing to you. You can change your choice of branch right up until you sign on that dotted line at Raleigh, it's too late to have misgivings afterwards.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    AC is indeed a higher scoring trade than AET (but only by a few points).

    Don't get too hung-up up on how well you scored, it's not an IQ test, it's just a test of your intellectual ability to complete your trade training.

    Another thing to bear in mind is AC needs GCSE's, AET doesn't & AC need to pass the academic aspects of the flying aptitude tests used to evaluate aircrew.

    The jobs are very different - one involves playing 3D chess "on acid" on a computer, the other involves getting your hands dirty problem solving, fixing & servicing aircraft & is very much more outdoors/sunbed orientated.
  5. :wink: The official termonology for WAFU :wink: Is weapons and fuel users. :roll: :roll: but affectionately know in the 60 as a " With A Fieldguncrew Unbeatable"
  6. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I think you have your answer re-WAFU, visit this thread in the FAA forum to find out a bit about the job, once you've read it come back and ask any specific questions: AET and ACH basic info for new joiners :thumbleft:
  7. Ive read that thanks, in everyones opinion which would be the best aircraft to choose? I think i will stick to AET I like the idea of hands on work being outside but also getting plenty shore time and am relatively sure my natural ability will be recognised so promotion should be possible if I work as hard as I can.
  8. FFS if you want plenty of shore time, why not join the RAF? Don`t worry tho`, you`re not the first ******** to come on here, wanting to join the Navy but not go to sea. I`m getting too old for this shit.
  9. Where did i say i don't want to go to sea? And since when do job's in the navy mean you have to go to sea? I said i would enjoy plenty shoretime and i'm sure any rational thinking human being could understand why that is. Someone here is an ******** but i don't think it is me.
  10. That is probably the best ever description of an my job! :lol:
  11. Since the RN began, and you won't get a choice of where you go or when you go.
  12. Point taken captain obvious, phrased it a bit wrong what i meant was to join the royal navy i dont have to go for a job such as warfare spec i am within my rights to go for a job where i potantially could spend 75% of my time ashore. To the above post which plane is that as it has been edited out. Also Montigny what is your job like? I'm led to believe it requires a higher score than an AET.
  13. i am within my rights to go for a job where i potantially could spend 75% of my time ashore.

    Then why on earth would you want to Join the Royal Navy, whose primary task is a seagoing one?

    Within your rights eh? You will be a barrel of fun down the messdeck.

    Take my advice, join the RAF, more and better Aircraft, and spend possibly a little time at sea.Meets all the criteria that you ask.
  14. It's a BAE Buccanneer:
  15. Hig's got a point. :wink:
  16. But depending on the aircraft i pick an air engineer technician meets my criteria too, and i prefer the navy due to family connections. Besides i wont be flying the aircraft just fixing them so i guess if the aircraft are worse i'll be kept busier and i'd prefer that.
  17. I'm not sire he meant worse in terms of upkeep, rather "better" in terms of how interesting they are. Personally, I think the RAF has more interesting aircraft.
  18. though if you get streamed sea king, you'll never, ever, ever, ever be short of things to fix. ever.
  19. I'm happy to go for any of them to be honest sure they're all very interesting, would be nice to go for harrier as they're being replaced soon which would mean i'd probably get retrained to another aircraft?

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