Air Engineer Officer vs Marine Engineer Officer

I am struggling to justify a decision in either direction more than the other. I am applying to be an Engineer Officer and cannot make a decision on whether it should be Air of Marine.
Can anyone offer any advice or useful comparisons between these positions. I'd really like to know about them from a 'day in the life' perspective and training etc. Is one more in demand than the other as well?

Im fully committed to one just don't know which as it's the career I will be training for so don't want to make the wrong decision at such an early stage before I know what they involve.

Please not comments like 'if you don't know which you shouldn't do either' or 'you should know which you have an interest in' I am aware of the dilemma I am in.

It's sound engineering and I've worked with acoustics and sound design for 7 years. I have specialist knowledge of waves, sound acoustics etc. as well as electronics and electromagnetism, speakers microphones etc. I'm very practical and hands in as well.
To be honest the areas of physics tackled as an Air engineer seem on the face of it to be more up my street but I really don't know.
Mine's not actually accredited but after speaking with them at AFCO and showing my degree content to them they are happy that it is relevant and covers the necessary areas.

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