Air Engineer Apprenticeship


Hi all,
I am interested in applying for the accelerated air engineering apprenticeship, but I am confused on the entry requirements. The website informs me that I only need 48 UCAS points, which I have in the form of a level 3 90-credit diploma in engineering (I achieved a Merit Pass) However, the information packet that my AFCO gave me says I need 3 A levels and a level 2 NVQ.
So will I get on the apprenticeship with my level 3 90-credit diploma in engineering?
If not I assume I will have to go down the no qualifications route, joining as a rating instead of an officer. If this is the case, how long does it take to reach officer level (providing I have very good merit)



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Stick this into the search box as I am sure this has been covered before. I would go with what the AFCO told you, it might be worth calling them tomorrow.

Also the accelerated apprentice route is going as a rating, with fast track to LH. I posted the route and timescales on here a couple of months ago (search for it).

Good luck.

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