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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by snapdragon, Mar 5, 2007.

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  1. Probably not the best place to put this, but can't think of anywhere better!

    Has anyone done their advanced driving test? I'm taking the course but need to pass before i join the mob at the end of May. Obviously a bit of a challenge. Anyone got any experiences with it? Boyfriend's an advanced driver so that's an advantage, but otherwise i think it's going to be really difficult to pass in time.
  2. You mean they take women! :smile:
  3. I deserve that for posting in Lil's! Come on, anyone?
  4. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    On two wheels - yes; on 4 wheels - no.

    Why do you need to pass - its not like you're going to be doing any difficult ship handling activities as a stoker is it? :)

    The key thing I found when taking my lessons was that they are looking for people who anticipate problems and avoid the situation rather than drivers who react to unforseen events. Read the road, take the correct position for maximised visibility (without compromising your safety) and use the car's controls properly. Despite the IAM now promoting their own publications, the Police Roadcraft books are definitiely worth reading - from the motorcyclists persepctive they better explained the "why" while the IAM confined themselves to a simple statement of "what" needed to be done. Good luck!
  5. Get yourself a copy of the Police Driving Manual - that will help you. It will teach you all about being systematic and break it down into specific areas such as lines to take around corners to increase visibility, speed and stability.

    "The system of car control is a system or drill, each feature of which, is considered in sequence by the driver at the approach to any hazard..."

    Smooth and systematic is the key - advanced driving is all about advance observation - look further ahead and plan ahead.

    Many traffic cops are IAM examiners.

    Good luck

    (I used to be a Black Rat [traffic cop] in a former life !!) :twisted: :twisted:
  6. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    This is what I referred to as Roadcraft in my post - pop down to Waterstones on New Street (I remember when it was still the Midland Bank with Atkinsons real ale bar behind it!) - I'm sure you'll find the Police Manauals there.
  7. I was going to buy the Roadcraft book aaaaages ago, but for now will steal boyfriend's. I have read it, but it's the sort of book you need to keep getting back to.

    I don't need to pass- but i don't know where i'll be or what i'll be doing after i pass out (in?), so would very much like to get it all done. It's a challenge anyway...
  8. I did it a few years ago Snappy,

    An hour or so each week with an observer took me about 3 months; it's not the sort of thing you can rush through or do as an intensive course, since it needs a certain sort of attitude.

    As has been suggested, reading through Roadcraft (Police Driving Manual) will help, but get in touch with your local group via the AIM and they can also give you advice and pointers.

    Well done for deciding to do it though! :razz:

  9. Can you still get a 10% discount on your car insurance by doing the IAM test?
  10. It is, I have both the four wheel and two wheel editions, although I've only done the four wheel IAM test.

    I did mine just before I joined Dartmouth, second try.

    The main thing is as highlighted above, less getting out of situations but spotting potential situations and not getting into them in the first place. Commentary is a useful discipline to to get into, if you're not already.

    Good luck
  11. I joined a group, went for the first lesson last Sunday. Will get assigned an observer the Sunday after this. Boyfriend is an advanced driver and he pointed out an absolute load of things that i need improving on. Even things i thought weren't too bad. So i am planning on going out with the observer as much as is allowed, will get Boyfriend to help me when we drive to training.

    I have started to try to put all the techniques together. It's not feeling comfortable at all, my driving feels worse than ever. It's like learning all over again.

    Trying to consciously think about what i'm doing (sort of silent commentary- don't want to look like a total fruitcake in the traffic jams). I don't expect to pass in time, but do really want to improve my driving quickly!
  12. I think some insurance companies offer lower premiums. Not sure if all do. Would be nice to get it a bit cheaper!
  13. Try concentrating on one thing at a time - go from the simple to the complex.

    Master your steering first, when you've done that try accelerating and braking smoothly, after that try gear changing then try lines in bends.

    Then - put it all together.

    Keep talking to yourself whilst you're doing it - you'll feel mad at first (keep the window shut then others wont think you're mad too !) but it will become second nature. Then when you need to do it for your exam you won't need to worry.

    Practice makes perfect - good luck and enjoy yourself.
  14. Can i do the accelerating and braking first, because i'm finding it slightly easier than the steering!
  15. Do whatever takes your fancy first - if you find A&B easy at the moment, get that cracked then you'll feel totally comfortable with it and wont need to concentrate on it anymore. The list was just a suggestion.

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