Aid Worker Rescue Attempt Fails

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Scouse_Castaway, Oct 10, 2010.

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  1. This is really sad news indeed and has really upset me, recriminations have already started with Sky even trying to get a former officer to comment on whether the outcome would have different had it been UK Special Forces conducting the rescue....a really disgusting question. I'm know the US guys did their level best and the responsibility for her murder lies squarely at the feet of the scum who captured her, then killed her when it looked like she may have been resucued. I'm actually familiar with the Qur'an and the teachings of the prophet Mohammad and nowhere in there does it say it's acceptable to kill innocent non-combattants, and women are actually marked out for particurly respect and protection.
    Utter scum.
    RIP lass
  2. This is terribly sad news, my sincere condolences to family and friends.
  3. She had been there doing her bit for a long time - very sad news.

    They will have decided to go in for a reason. Suggesting the outcome would have been different if UKSF had done the op is plain arrogant.
  4. Aye, the Govt here wouldnt have backed it and the US Forces on the ground wouldnt have attempted it if they didnt believe it could work. A tragedy how it turned out and Condolences to her family. A sad day
  5. They were right to try though - the last thing we should do in such circumstances is dither and sit on our hands. I am sure the INTEL suggested there was a more than evens chance of pulling it off and I would hope, if I were ever in the same situation (perish the thought) that the powers that be would be looking for a way to pro-actively resolve the situation rather than playing an interminable waiting game.

    Very sad outcome though and condolences to family
  6. Well we can all speculate and guess what happened doesn't mean it's true. I think the BBC should withdraw this story untill they have the facts and actually know what has happened.
  7. Agreed, it doesn't change anything and idle speculation does little for the integrity of the BBC.
  8. The BBC are just reporting what Cameron has said, perhaps he should keep his trap shut until he knows what the facts are instead of feeding the media with snippets.

    Perhaps he's trying to start up an anti-US outrage bus to deflect any critism that may come his way for apporoving the mission (if I was cynic, that is)
  9. The US are famous for making cock ups, wonder what the outcome would have been if our own special forces had been involved?
    They may still have used granades but they may have been stun granades.
    RIP young lady
  10. What a difference a day makes. It sometimes helps to read between the lines; immediately that the Elmers took 3 paces back and began to slope shoulders and describe it as "A NATO Operation" the alarm bells started to ring. Especially since negotiations for her release were at an advanced stage.

    So now Mohamed and Ali the murdering Muslim scum are replaced with cack-handed Elmer Fudd and his side-kick Deputy Dawg.
  11. SF cannot win here;

    Do nowt - Severe risk of Video'd execution.

    Attempt goes badly awry + News wrongly spun = Righteous "Public" Outrage + Full US/UK Investigation.

    <<Speaking from the Isle of Lewis, Ms Norgrove's father John said: "We are not saying anything to the press at the moment. We might issue a statement in another day or two, we're not certain, but now we are not saying anything.">>

    So we should just follow the grieving family's lead and await that investigation's conclusion.

    Handbrake applied and Outrage Bus shut down for now.
  12. Fully agree Bob... as a fellow armchair warrior, elmer bashing acheives nothing... I would imagine these kind of ops never go according to plan and a bit of 'ad libbing' takes place, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't... thats life in a balaclava. But to do nothing is not an option IMHO
    RIP lass
  13. Great to see the usual bullshit being posted here under the cover of 'don't knock the Elmers' - it was OK to comment about this tragic event when it was a mad muslim jihadist, with the RR outrage bus running down-hill at full throttle. Now that the truth is coming out we must be circumspect and wait until Elmer Fudd has carried out an internal investigation.

    Any hostage rescue scenario that includes using fragmentation grenades inside the building where the hostage is being held may be just a tad badly thought out.

    It seems that the Elmers knew full well that they had killed the hostage but concocted a mad muslim murderer story and spun that for the first 2 news cycles whilst simultaneously shifting the emphasis to 'NATO ops". The US Orbat for Afghanistan doesn't have any US Special Forces in the NATO chain of command. NATO are just a convenient scapegoat.

    It's not the first time that this has happened and it won't be the last time that NATO / ISAF are left to pick up the pieces. For those with limited attention spans; this is one article of many
  14. To be honest would it of made any difference if any SF unit had the tasking, at the end of the day its all all done from the same rule book. Also another point to consider is that she may have been either in transit or purposely moved to an hot area where she was more likely to be hit by friendly fire.
  15. Just read Bergans post. If a grenade was used inside a building whilst a hostage was in any of the rooms then it's bad drills at the end the day, but ain't going to know much till after the investigation.
  16. The unfortunate lady will be having a Post Mortem to officially establish the cause of death.The Septics know this and suspect that they may have inadvertently caused the death.This can be the only reason that the story has re-assessed.We should however save our outrage/indignation for the time we are in possession of all the facts.
  17. Some here should have done that in the first place.
  18. Just wondered really, were the deprive the only ones with septic issue grenades? Either way, poor lass. Pretty too
  19. The use of a fragmentation grenade indoors obviously raises concerns (plenty of..) but there are a large number of factors which aren't yet in the public domain.

    Must confess I missed the 'NATO' tag and agree, in retrospect, that it doesn't smell right. Time will tell whether it is misfortunate or incompetence but you've got to feel for the family being put through the mill by the twists and turns post op - without heart or integrity or both.

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