Aid Budget Dverted to MOD in part

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Feb 21, 2013.

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  1. I'm not holding my breath over this as it sounds like another soundbite from Cameron trying to cool down the protests about the level of overseas spending(currently about 12 billion).It looks like a clever compromise but my guess is that little or nothing will come of it.
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  2. I agree with fishead, its all smoke and mirrors, sleight of hand, now you see it now you don't,
  3. This is already happening, it is called conflict prevention fund or in old terms net annual cost against military operations were the mod claims the cost back from the treasury reserve.
  4. I very much doubt this will happen because u turn camoron cant be trusted.
  5. It looks like a plan, so long as it doesn't muddy the waters and hide any future defence "savings".

    There was some wet eyed luvvie, huggy tart on the Today Programme dripping about the effect this would have on Aid workers and their wider causes. BBC News - 'Building an army can be aid too' . The salient points seem to be:
    Little Miss Bleeding-Heart seemed concerned that Johnny Beggingbowl would confuse "defence" money with "aid" money and place aid workers in greater danger. I've found it hard to follow that logic, myself.
  6. I think the NGOs (oxfam etc.) are quite happy to have soldiers around protecting them as long as the money they cost does not come out of what they see as their money.

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