Aicrew candidates and BRNC training

Could anybody clarify if this is correct? I'm having some confusion with the term times for aircrew candidates at BRNC.

My understanding is that aircrew candidates embark on flying grading instead of departing for IST then, upon successfully finishing grading, deploy onto an operational warship. Is that correct?

BRNC - Weeks 1 - 7 Militarisation Phase
Weeks 7 - 14 Flying Grading
Weeks 14 - 21 Operational deployment at sea
Passing out phase

Will this change with the new format of intakes from April 2009?

:roll: :roll: Their should be a shed load of Make and Mends,and long weekend and seasonal leaves ??? between wk1 and wk 21 for airey faireys :lol: :lol: : :wink: :wink:


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My understanding of the new BRNC routines is that IST and CFT and been merged. You do longer at sea that is more about learning and not filling a taskbook. So those timings look about right. I will ask the IST Officer onboard on Mon for the new term timings and see if I can get something posted.

That would be most helpful. I will check this out with my ACLO again but he didn't seem too sure.

My understanding is that AC candidates do their grading whilst everyone goes on part 1 of IST. After grading, they deploy on IST with a class who were a term behind them.


I'm pretty sure flying grading is only two weeks. There's some advice on this thread

Though things may have changed - it's recently moved from Plymouth to Yeovilton for a start.
Hey foxtrot, one thing I have learnt as an OH is that whatever the number of weeks, phases leaves etc. you are given at the beginning they will change constantly. Very few things remain as planned. You are pretty correct for the current timetable of phases though I have heard IST is to be 10 weeks in future. But I would advise you and your family to write everything in pencil, this way you and they will be a lot less stressed when changes happen. Its all good though BRNC is a fantastic experience for cadets so long as you can enjoy the rough and tumble stuff and the social events are fab for us too ;)
I'm not actually in yet and i'm trying to make sure that i get right at my AIB.

Info' isn't yet available about the changes back to 3 intakes per year but i'd like to have a good idea of both ideally. It's the current system which is confusing though as the RN website doesn't oultline it particularly.

I think that IST is stated as being 7 weeks then followed by an operational ship deployment for other officers and aircrew move straight to passing out phase.
I hope you find put what you need but I would spend more time looking at current deployments, whose who in the navy hierarchy, your career pathway and naval policies as well as making sure you are fit and able to demonstrate your leadership qualities. 8)

Not that I know as much about it as most of the others on here, Just I'm online and awake and relatively sober so thought I would add my 2 penneth :lol:

Good Luck for your AIB - enjoy :D
Re: Ai[r]crew candidates and BRNC training

Hi Foxtrot et al,

I'm fairly sure (having had a brief when last at BRNC last summer) that the new (really an old) format will be 2 terms (note not phases) for everyone (all branches).
These will be 1. Militarisation, then 2. IST (10 weeks) and Passout. Grading is moving to after BRNC passout. As are the old "academic phases" for X and Logs people.
I'd also echo the comments re: AIB about deployments, career path etc but recognise the desire to know what's in store for you during training.


Note 1: 1 term = 2 phases
Note 2: What you described above is the old (5 phase system) for aircrew.
Clear as mud I'm sure

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