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Hi everyone, as you can tell from the subject i'm attending my AIB soon for aircrew. I've been revising a lot recently and have just compiled a list of what I reckon i'll need to know for the AIB from what i've read on this board. Anyone additions will be much appreciated.

Ships (current and future)
Aircraft (current and future)
Defence knowledge
Current affairs
Current navy ops and who is where at the moment.
Chosen career path
Basic navy knowledge (hierarchy e.t.c)
Knowledge of Q101 form and interview questions

Essay practice
SDT practice
Psychometric test practice

I'm not passing this off as a complete list so any additions would be great. Cheers.
Thanks for the prompt replies. Yes I have seen that thread, looked through all 100 odd pages a few times, the above list is what I summed up as what would be most pertinent for AIB. I had forgotten to include RFA and RNR, i've been looking into both though.


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Have my board on the final stages of cramming at the moment!! Trying to remember ships and weapons systems!!! If i can nail these I think I should be fine..!


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Nope but I think i have that as a pullout from the Broadsheet booklet I was given on my first visit to the AFCO - do I need to be clued up on all the smaller ships too - Mine vessels etc, or will I be fine just focussing on the major ship types - frigates, destroyers, LPH/LPD etc?


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would that be more for service knowledge test or interview? I am going for Aircrew Pilot so am ok in terms of aircraft/roles/weapons/where based etc, which as far as I am aware is key for my interview?
I am going for Aircrew Pilot
No you're not. You're going for RN officer and then pilot.

Now, I know we're splitting hairs, but be under no illusion that you only need to know about the FAA and its comings and goings. You will be expected to know all about the RN in general and have very good knowledge of those big, grey, boaty things.

Although it was many moons ago, my AIB barely touched on the important stuff i.e. aircraft but, rather, concentrated on boats, general knowledge of boats and all things boats. You're there to be Royal Navy Officer and, second, a pilot (although we feel differently). Remember this when adjusting the thrust of your learning.
sammy84 said:
Just out of curiosity, does anyone on here know if any aspects of the AIB are different for in service candidates?
Why should that matter Sammy? The only advantage we have is that we are already serving on Ships/Establishments and Air Stations so therefore we (should) know a little about service knowledge, such as weapons systems, engine configurations, aircraft types and weapons and my favorite question the distance of a 81mm mortar. Hope that helps?
As I said I was just curious, it does'nt change my preparation as im a bootneck so I still need to learn all the ships and aircraft almost from scratch.
Cheers for that Soleil, i've got the poster of the ships but that second one will come in handy, its always difficult to keep up to date with the changing hierarchy.
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