AIB some observations from someone who passed it.


Well i have just done my AIB and passed, Scarily i will be joining BRNC on June 11th excluding anything going horribly wrong, to begin my training as a submarine warfare officer.

Anyway, having used this website for research prior to taking my AIB i thought I'd take five minutes and jot down my observations on the selection process.

Firstly, on my board i was lucky enough to have 4 guys who were serving PO's and WO's should you find youself in this very lucky situation for the love of god sit down and talk to them, not only will it help you confirm that you want to join the navy but also they are full of the kind of information that you will need in your navy knowledge test and the interview either by telling you(e.g in my case the largest naval deployment currently is in Landlocked Afghanistan note this may have changed now their are less marines their but i doubt it) or indirectly (In my case one of the guys worked on the Merlin helicopter at RNAS Culdrose which was one of the questions in the navy knowledge test)

Onto the other sections

Day 1, the easy part!

1. The cognitive testing, Don't worry about this do some practice and work on your mental maths etc but the whole point of tests like these is their isn't a huge amount you can do to prepare for them

2.Navy knowledge test, is not as scary as you think almost everything you will need can be found on the navy website with history questions being fairly easy

3.The essay, again not something to obsess on, the questions cover a huge range of topics in my case from terrorism to transport and back through does the EU need its own army. providing you have been reading the papers you will be able to answer at least one of them. That said the impression i got was that structure grammar and spelling are far more important than the actual content so make sure you plan everything out and don't run out of space as you have very little paper to write on!

Once you finish the testing you get to go and have a play in the gym to get your hands on the equipment and learn the techniques you will need for the command task. I cannot stress enough you need to get involved at this stage and get as much hands on practice as you possibly can you have a huge amount of information to take in and all of it will be necessary for the following day, Ask questions at this stage rather than keeping your mouth shut, and stat to work out what members of your group- are good at and what they are not. I.e who is good at lifting stuff, who is confident at swinging across the water etc.

Then you have the bleep test. this is always going to be unpleasant, if it isn't then you aren't working hard enough! I really have no idea what constitutes a good score and the weighting that is put on your performance, just to say i ran an 11.2 one guy who ran a level 13 didn't pass and one who ran an 8.6 passed. Although having talked to the Marine sgt who was my board NCO apparently a minimum level 11.1 is required for marines after their commando training to put things into perspective.

Once that's done you are finished for the first day, have dinner and spend the rest of the evening chatting with the rest of the candidates.

Day two this is the toughest day in my opinion by a long way

The Planning exercise
Well you should know the format for this 15 minutes to learn the scenario then get given the problem then come up with a plan.


if your not given a speed for how long it will take you to travel somewhere its safe to assume you can't travel there.

Work out the distances etc between places on the map and the time it wil take to travel between them in your first 15 mins.

You will get asked questions on the background part of the scenario eg the name of your commanding officer the type of ship you are on etc so take note of these.

The scenarios are loose enough that they will be able to pull apart your plan don't panic when they do this.

Working out speed distance over time, don't panic about this remember the equations and you will be fine all the questions i got asked involved nice round numbers and nothing overly complicated you get a few seconds to work things out but don't take to long or they will move on. Also if someone doesn't get a question correct they will ask another person then another till they run out of people to ask the question or get the correct answer, so pay attention and start working out your own answer to the question as soon as hear it

Finally stick to your plan and be confident about it.

Finally when you go back into present you final plan, I'm not sure if sticking blinding to your plan or chaning it is the best thing to do as with much of the AIB use your judgement

The Command assessed tasks.

These are fun, things to remember speak up contribute etc

Also don't worry about completing your task or not. They are very timed pressured to an extent to which the odds are pretty high against you completing the exercise. I didn't complete mine and i still passed, the one guy in my group who did complete his task in the time did not pass.

Techniques are important you remember them they make things a lot easier

I got pulled up in my debrief for getting a bit to involved in my command task don't forget your meant to lead not do.

The Interview, not much to do on this competency questions etc you need to answer honestly on your own experiences don't make crap up. you'll get to identify pictures of ships on the walls of the boards and talk about their capabilities roles etc. Mine was easy as it was HMS ocean and I'd read about the new TAG on it etc

Also you'll get asked to point out three areas where the royal navy is operating today on the world map. This is not a political map with borders and all making stuff a bit trickier. It is however identical to the map thats on the wall in the candidates rest room so work out where things are on that map before your interview
Re: AIB some observations fom someone who passed it.

Good advice ml2jsw,

The fitness test pass mark is age dependent - the younger you are, the higher the pass mark!

Well done!
Re: AIB some observations fom someone who passed it.

It was an awesome three past days, and I also just passed, the Board President Officer (who perhaps fortunatly knew my Uncle) said that I could be reasonably comfortable of getting a place at BRNC.

Although it is not a walk in park I would say that the AIB DVD makes it seem a lot worse than it actually is. Again I think I was also lucky enough to have a really good board, in that all of those taking it all gelled together and that made it much easier.

PLTs were a good laugh, and it is true you do learn alot about yourself!