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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Waiting game, Nov 5, 2014.

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  1. Anyone with any inside knowledge know the date the Selection Board next due to meet ?
  2. Someone on one of the other topics mentioned they're sitting tomorrow, but not sure how accurate that info is. I've been trying to get info from my ACLO on it but that has been like trying to draw blood from a stone. However, I did get told at AIB that I'd find out by the end of November whether I was on the next intake or not, if that helps. When did you sit AIB?
  3. End of September
  4. Does this mean they are not meeting for another 10 months?
  5. Muskavardo, they meet approx 3 months before each intake (is my understanding) and select candidates from the pool of AIB passes.
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  6. Muskavardo - don't understand why you would think they next meet in 10 months time ! I know they meet approx every 3 months and think they will meet in November, but just wondered if anyone knew an actual date.
  7. Sorry mate I miss interpreted when you said end of September. I thought you were saying that's when they meet not when you did AIB
  8. If anyone hears back anytime today/soon, be sure to update this thread so we know when the selection has taken place.
  9. I was told that the selection boards meets today, I passed AIB and am going for pilot. Whether it vary's depending on branch I'm not sure however I don't see why it would. (The only reason I mention it is because someone else thought it was December they meet. I'm am very confident that they meet today though. Good luck to anyone waiting to hear. If it is today we should hear back within a week.

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  10. I know of individuals going into this November intake that got the letter and were told 5 weeks before entry. So, in that reasoning, meeting mid December for a Feb intake does also seem probable.
  11. Yeah very true, I was just told specifically by the president of the Admiralty Interview Board that I was on that the date was November the 6th so that's what I'm going off aha. Also I'm sure my letter said that the selection board meets in early November so expect to hear back soon after. Can't find the letter though.

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  12. I wonder how soon you can get entry, eg AIB in early Sept, could you make the mid November entry if you got a high enough AIB score.
  13. No idea to be honest. I was told that I couldn't because there wasn't enough time for me to have my Aircrew Medical before November so it wasn't a possibility for me. Not sure about other branches however.

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  14. When did you have your AIB/Medical? I was thinking of aircrew, but I will have my RT in mid April - 6 month wait as I ran out of time in one of the section, whether or not that gives me time for November entry I'm not too sure. Unfortunately I don't think I can make the Feb intake as I'll be 24 early Feb, will most likely miss the Feb intake by 4-5 days! :(
  15. I CAN CONFIRM: The AIB for February 2015 entry sat yesterday and those selected should be informed within 7 days from yesterday. I rang AIB and got confirmation.
  16. Thanks Chopper - very useful info
  17. I had my AIB at the end of September and my medical is booked for the beginning of December so haven't had that yet. But can still be offered a place pending success at the medical.

    Ah yeah I thought it was, good luck to everyone who is waiting. Does anyone know if 1) we get told if we don't get selected or will we just not hear back? And 2) know if we hear by postal letter or email? Cheers.

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  18. From what my friends who've got through in the past experienced, they just had the joining pack and forms arrive in the post.

    So I guess we just keep looking out for large overfilled envelopes!
  19. That would be good yeah aha. Fingers crossed.

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  20. Good luck guys!

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