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Hi All

For anyone who is interest...i passed my AIB!! Woo!!!!Currently in Southampton Airport awaiting my flight home. Medicals were

Thanks to everyone who gave me help etc. I got told i had a good pass, but i guess they say that to everyone.

6 out of 9 on our boards passed. We had three boards of three, all on boards 1 and 2 passed and all on board 3 failed. It's no coincidence, anyone who is due for AIB soon, the more you bond with your board the more likely you are to pass.

If anyone is heading to Sultan soon, feel free to PM me and i will pass on all my knowledge, especially any aircrew candidates as that is what i'm going for.

When i get round to it i may do a post in the AIB topic giving a full blow by blow account of what happens and some of the questions i got faced with, until then PM me.

Thanks again everyone, especially Ninja for your help.

Nat aka Cow Tipper (the nickname i somehow managed to pick up at AIB)


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Tut tut...

HER post!!
I'm applying for Aircrew - Pilot.

Yes there were two Logisitc people on the board and both passed. There were a few in the board that arrived the day after us as well.


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Well done missus! :thumright: My hearty, and sincere, congratulations.

Excellent news- about time we had a few more female aircrew.

Hope the selection is quick & painless.
silverfox said:
AndyRamage said:
Sorry didn't read the bottom half of your post lol.
Typical bloke - he's finished when you're only half way through......
I thought the navy was an equal opportunities organisation so even the lazy, read half a post male can get away without being targetted :dwarf:
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