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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by NRobin1989, Jun 21, 2011.

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  1. NRobin1989

    NRobin1989 New member

    Recently passed my AIB, the Commander said I had passed very well and I received a letter stating that I should be optimistic based on my score and historical trends. I just wanted to confirm with anyone else in my situation, or anyone in the know, if this is just a basic response they give everyone or if I should in fact be optimistic for Jan?
    Also anyone know the the number of DGE Logs they select for Britannia? I'm considering switching to submarines to improve my chances for Jan/May selection.
    Any ideas????
    Robin :)
  2. Royal Tea

    Royal Tea New member

    Firstly, congratulations on the pass. It feels good doesn't it!

    From what I can gather they have a number of set responses that they send out, reasonably optimistic, borderline etc. I know that Logs is tough to get into at the moment but if you were told that you had a good pass then you can probably expect January entry.

    With regards to the Submariner bit, you cannot enter as Logs (SM), you can, however, opt for it when you are accepted into BRNC. Chances are you will be press ganged into Submarine Service any way!
  3. NRobin1989

    NRobin1989 New member

    Thanks for the quick reply, I was going to email the TSO at Sultan but thought this would probably be the quickest way of checking. Cheers
  4. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


    Congratulations NRobin1989 and BZ - It's always encouraging to hear 'good news'.

    BTW - At your board did you perchance witness a fellow candidate wistfully preoccupied with spooning-up any soup leftovers?

    You may not even have noticed him, apparently he's a bit of a furtive loner who (despite the help & encouragement of many here) has revealed very little of his own AIB attendance except for this obscure nonsense: :hungry:

    Just curious ...

  5. Stirling

    Stirling Banned

    he may have slipped up Bob.
  6. NRobin1989

    NRobin1989 New member

    As before cheers for the feedback, found out yesterday I've been accepted into the sept draft for BRNC. Also Bob... the French onion was something to experience "c'est magnifique"
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2011
  7. Magda

    Magda War Hero Book Reviewer

    Interesting! I was told there was absolutely NO hope of any Logs Officer Cadets joining the September intake. I am of course hugely jealous but pleased for you all the same. You must have scored VERY highly =-) well done you!
  8. NRobin1989

    NRobin1989 New member

    Yeah, that's what my AFCO told me. But the TSO at Sultan rang me Thursday and the mountain of paperwork today. But I was told specifically 'No DGE Logs" and that i'd be lucky to make the january draft. But then my AFCO was in the process of being reassigned so maybe he just couldnt be arsed to answer my continual questions :)
  9. eallan

    eallan New member

    Can anybody tell me why places are being given for September entry to BRNC already? I was under the impression that the board wouldn't be sitting until July, but I've heard of one or two people being offered places a week or two ago. Why would this be?
  10. eallan

    eallan New member

    Yes, but last week it wasn't.
  11. Joe_Crow

    Joe_Crow New member

    That makes the date of the post Monday 4 July.
    "A week or two ago" would be, at the absolute latest, Friday 1 July (a mere three days), or more likely late-June, meaning that the board would have had to have made their deliberations in June.

    I believe this falls under the old adage; rtfq.
  12. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    That's because he was obviously better than you. :-D
  13. Magda

    Magda War Hero Book Reviewer

    He must have been an exceptional candidate then, eh? ;-) As you KNOW I'm just amazing. You told me so yourself. Perhaps threatening you with my "special cutlery set" influenced your response somewhat, but the answer still stands.

  14. Rumrat

    Rumrat War Hero

    Is this the preoccupation of officer candidates, worrying when they will get the call?
    Friggin hell talk about whistling up the doldrums.
    Stress kills trust me.
  15. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think its time that several of the posters started to realise that it is very much an employers market, this means that they can pick and bring forward the best available.

    It could also mean that some in a certain branch have decided not to join and therefore someone is called forward
  16. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Evil cow. You're such a tease.
  17. Janner,

    Tch, Tch, shame on you - A reality too cruel for the Newbies Forum. :evil4:
  18. eallan

    eallan New member

    As it turns out, the board haven't yet sat for September entry.
  19. Joe_Crow

    Joe_Crow New member

    Are you suggesting that NRobin is telling porkies, or that his pass was so outstandingly superlative that he is a shoo-in?
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2011

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