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Hello everyone,

Before anyone shouts at me for asking questions which have been asked before, I am asking them as of now (January 2018), I have been informed that the amount of General service knowledge questions has been reduced, does anyone know what kind of questions they do still ask about this? Also we are supposed to get a questionnaire before the AIB, my AIB is in 2 weeks and I still haven't received this, when is due to come?

Thanks everyone

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Questionnaire unknown.

Knowledge: be prepared to look at a map and asked where the RN are. The level of detail you put into that answer is up to you.

*caveat: the format has been updated since Nov 17 when I took it and so the requirement may have done too.


Sat and passed my AIB in September last year so it’s changed a bit since then. However, with regards to knowledge, I agree with @Anchor Faced. It’s very vague but have a good grasp of the navy news!

The questionnaire is new to me, there was no questionnaire sent to me before so not sure what that is. Good luck for the AIB, I found it really stressful but also probably hands down the most enjoyable two days ever. What branch you going for?


I've heard that from everyone, the questionnaire was a thing which our careers advisor filled out, nothing that we had.

I am going for Pilot

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