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Iv recently applied for the Navy as a pilot in the Fleet Air Arm. Iv gone through the pages of these forums, especially the 50 page AIB forum lol, but I still need a bit of help.

Im keeping fit at the gym, I work 2 jobs throughout the week, I study my Navy information most nights and now I need something to show my leadership skills. I read that volunteer work was good and DofE, but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas to show leadership skills?

Thanks ppl


Lantern Swinger
yeah, but it doesnt really look as good as other ppl who do charity work and the like. I just want to make the best impression, but cant think of anything


Lantern Swinger
Alright chap,

What's your age? You a member of any teams or clubs at all? Ever done any fundraising? Taken action on something using your own initiative? Chaired group projects at College/Uni at all?

How about your position at work, a supervisor possibly? The team you work with, what role do you play?

Just a starter


Lantern Swinger
Im 21, im not in any teams or clubs, never done fundraising, but in work I do supervise sometimes which puts me in charge of the place as well as upto 2 people. I can be trusted to be given a job and complete it. Kinda have high standards. As well as working in a store, I work in a bar too which deals with people even more. At uni, I was incharge of a design project in my second year in a team of 13 and a key player in my third year in a team of 9.

I just think apart from work, maybe something else could be a helpful

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