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Hey ppl,

Iv passed my FAT's and got my AIB in a couple of weeks, much sooner than I was anticipating. So iv started getting ready, but was wondering if I've missed anything out. I have the following:-

Army scenario to prepare for the group task,
Navy DVD's to study on Naval history,
Sport for my hand eye coordination,
S/D/T's on the RAF website I found off here,
Regular timestable practises,
Brain Training lol,
Regular reading for verbal reasoning,
Wordsearches and stuff,
Practise booklet the AIB have sent me,
Online maths,
Navy news for deployments,

But I was wondering if someone could help me with the following:-
Crib Sheets on aircraft, ships, weaponry,
Detailed training pipeline for Pilot / Observer,
Brief history of the Navy (for reading on the train),
Navy Information - Staff, Ranks, Badges, Bases,

Iv already got a plan to study them all but just need the missing ones so I dont screw up.

Thanks alot
I sat mine in November; I wouldn't waste time on su doku but brain teaser and the RAF questions (certainly the latter, can't vouch for the former) will probably help with how quickly and confidently you can answer the questions your N2 will ask you in your planning excercise.

Your prep looks pretty thorough but off the top of my head, other things to look at include:
- what types of helicopter or FAA complement ships deploy with and the different variants of the aircraft;
- Questions about training, bases, components of and equipment of The Royals;
- Broad questions about RFA, subs and FAA squadrons*;
- Memberships of NATO, UN and commonwealth; and lastly,
- Your training process - stages and bases - should you be successful.

Also, whilst we weren't asked questions on ship length, propulsion, radar, ESM or sonar, displacement and crew size you need to know the weapon systems of all ships for certain and those could still possibly come up.

I got 90% of my data for these from the RN handbook and found that the process of making crib sheets was the means by which I was able to remember it all. The website obviously holds a worthy amount of detail on ship specs and weapon systems as linked above.

* From memory the squadrons comprising helicopters of commando helicopter force and naval strike wing/JFH were asked.

Hope that helps.


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I'm just wondering if anyone had any idea of the question's about Speed Distance Time? The level of difficulty etc?

Also im trying to prepare for the Planning Exercise (the one where you sit infront of the board and they ask you question's). Has anyone got anything that can help?

Thanks alot
They vary... Most are simple. In the interview by the N2 following the planning exercise, speeds were nice numbers like 3/4mph for walking and 30,40 or 60 for a vehicle.

I recall questions being like:
Number 1: How fast can the barge travel?
How long will it take you to get to x?
Number 2: And how fast can the barge travel astern?
Number 3: How long will it take you to get from a to b be?
30 minutes
Number 3: Ok, and if you then have to travel back astern, what time will you arrive back to a assuming you wait at b for 15 minutes?

All quite easy...


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Thanks, Im alright with SDT just dont want to be in there and have to go into decimals and stuff. Apart from knowing the formula to calculate them all, is there anything that you can do to prepare for them as the numbers are differant, which surely means being good at mental arithmetic?

Also, Im trying to prepare for the actual Planning Exercise with the N2 etc, does anyone have any suggestions?

The planning exercise - surely? - hasn't been designed for you to be prepared on which could in fact be counter productive if you're expecting certain things from a scenario and then get something totally different.

The skills in the exercise involved reading information, processing it, taking notes on it, memorising it (most important) and later being able to adapt it. Nothing you can really practice I'm afraid.

I found the RAF SDT link from the FAQs extremely useful to build my confidence in SDTs but really, keeping calm and collecting your thoughts will prove more useful at the end of the day! A place a few of the guys on my board slipped up on was guessing or trying to remember how far certain things were apart and then panicking when the answers are there in front of you on the map so be aware!

I'd focus your time on reading up on the nooks and crannies of naval knowledge!

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