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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by schoolboy, Dec 24, 2006.

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  1. K, here u can all judge me and see if u think i am fit to fly a helo:

    Ive been reading many of these lovely forum threads about AIBs and what to expect etc and it got me thinking if what i have done in the last 22 years would constitute enough evidence of potential to be an officer in the RN.

    i have not been enrolled with any sort of club or orgranization involving leadership since age of 16 when i left scouts. I was a Partrol leader in this and enjoyed teaching the younger members what i knew and helping them along with things so i know i enjoy a leadership role.

    But I am older now, and having kept my head down and studied very hard at college and uni, getting various awards for motivation and acheivement along the way(especially in my uni dissertation). But concentrating on this has left a lack of team based sports being played, and i have not been a member of any clubs etc.

    The crux of this post is that I think I am capable of being a responsible, adaptable, honest and strong team member. I am however worried about convincing the AIB of this in the interview section. I know this is only one part and i have the team tasks to show off what i am capable of, but i'm nervous about this one part . All my team based experiences have been as part of my uni studies - group work and volunteer tutoring etc - will this be seen as enough sign of potential???

    All opinions would be grateful - I've never benifited from people telling me what I've done well - more where i need to improve...
  2. Your past history will help you only in the competency question part of the verbal interview; questions such as "Can you tell us about a time you were a member of a team that fell apart?"

    For the principle measures of your leadership potential, namely the command tasks and the desktop exercise, your past history will essentially be completely irrelevant and the mark will be based on what you show on the day. They look for your potential there and then, not what you've done somewhere else.
  3. It can't hurt to get involved in some team sports/organisations to demonstrate teamwork/leadership abilities. Evidently you have confidence in your own ability (which is good) but it's always good to be able to talk about experience of this.
  4. Einstein was a genius, however whether he would have had the aptitude to fly a helicopter is debatable. Like driving to be able to fly depends very much on your coordination skills. These cannot be learned. Did you find it easy to drive a car? How many attempts did it take to pass your driving test?
    Intelligence alone does not make a good pilot. It requires a combination of aptitude and intelligence.
  5. Hey slim. Interesting what you said. I fully understand that is not all about intelligence and i do not pretend to be a genius - but i was just trying to purvey that although i havent been part of teams/organisations i have am not a layabout :wink: I think dunkers summed it up in saying that its good to have things done in the past to talk about when trying to convince someone of your potential.

    I was thinking about becoming a helper at my old scout troop again as i enjoyed it then and havent changed my opinion of the outdoors since! I'd love to pick up rugby, but im not sure there are any amateurish enough clubs out there!!!

    I have been reading up on spatial aptitude and awareness and doing some tests etc and i come out fairly well on them. Im good at reading maps, i remember pictures and landmarks better than words, am mechanically minded etc and have excellent hearing and vision. So i think i might stand at least half a chance of passing the aptitude tests. fingers crossed n e who! I think the question will be if i pass high enough compared to the others as i hear the competition is tough! But even if i dont make the grade on AIB or aptitude tests, I hope at least I will have learnt something about myself! :D If the case turns out to be I'm not meant to fly them, I've got an AET entry waiting for me which i think is the next closest thing! Either way I'm around planes and ships, two things which seem to feature often in my family history!

    As for the driving test - like a duck to water, i passed first time and love driving to this day - just wish i had a better car than a Rover 100!!!!
  7. I am not being pedantic but you need to improve your spelling etc. We all make odd typos, but using text speak such as "u" and "i" is not acceptable. I don't mean to be rude, but you need to get this out of your system now so that you don't let yourself down under pressure at the AIB. Other than that I wouldn't worry about it too much, go along and try to enjoy it, that is your best bet.

    Go for it and good luck!
  8. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I have got to concur stumpy, I don't think you are being in any way pedantic. Never mind the text speak and lack of capital letters, the grammar, punctuation and spelling is awful, just what did you study at University ? If your intent was to write in this way then please accept my apologies Schoolboy...........................BUT!

    If you don't buck up your essays' at AIB are just going to be a memorable event, not the start of a new and bright career. Try practising, this is as good a place as any to start! People will be quick to pick up your mistakes and point them out, we're just a bunch of pedantic bastards really, not being pedantic though.

    Good luck. :lol:
  9. Points respectfully noted, and you're correct in guessing I am not a english student (but rather an electronics and computing student which may help explain my typing mannerisms) but when the time necessitates I can write a pretty mean essay, all grammatically correct n wot not! How I write in forums in no way reflects the manner in which my essays are written. Surely forums are an environment in which to express oneself freely and in a comfortable manner! And besides, I am from the txt speak generation! My thumbs do all the talking!

    But seriously, the problem will not be my spelling and grammer, it will be nerves that stop me from writing a literary masterpeice!

    However comments duly noted and will be remembered for the important day!

    Thanks for the luck!
  10. Schoolboy,

    For heaven's sake, don't waste your core skills - join as a WE - it's the way forward! Honestly though, don't worry about it, you sound like you have a fairly similar background to me - Scouting etc, and I was fine. Four and a half years in, and I'm loving it! Unfortunately, most of the flyboys that I joined up with haven't done their first proper flying job - I'm on my second proper job as a WE and have been round the World....well WIndies and Gulf twice!

    Go for it - if you want something enough, you'll get it!! A friend of mine who was told after he joined up as a pilot that he couldn't be emplyed by the RN as a fixed wing pilot - he now flies Tornados for the RAF!

    Anything is possible!


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