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Hi guys, Passed my Aib back in June, To be honest i never had a great pass nor did i have a fantastic Aptitude test, on the brighter side i work in a shop and have done all my life and decided on a change and i feel i did myself proud with a pass at both parts, i worked so hard for it. Question for anyone if they can answer it of course, i seen here that someone said the Febuary entry is Short, Anyone no the chances of entry for me, i no what the answer would be but after going quite a while and not hearing anything my confidence has took a notch off and just looking for some positives to take into the new year!

Chers would appreciate it


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1. Well done, Swalke40.
2. I take it your gammar and punctuation were not assessed on the AIB?
3. Presumably you want to join up as a Pilot/Observer then... :roll: :wink:
Haha, one of the reasons i was not given an excellent pass! Basically my pass came down to the interview i was told, and my communication skills were good so i passed.

Pilot yes haha

I just no that not a lot of people in Scotland are on passes at the moment, so i suppose a positive is a positive.
Thanks i had left school at a very young age to look after my mum so i was always going to be on the backfoot. I just hope that some good will come of something at last! Thanks for all your comments and fingers crossed.


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Everyone who passes and is medically fit goes into a filing cabinet, where the training and selection officer at AIB picks those for the next Dartmouth entry according to instruction from Dartmouth on numbers. It often depends on the branch and how many they require. If 80 passed for ATC Officer and they only need 2 then it's going to be tricky, for example.
Swalke, ditto your position. I am having the same problems, I passed AIB back in March with a FAT of 120 and low AIB pass. It is so frustrating not knowing what position your in.

I will look forward to hearing how you get on. Both having crap scores we could even find ourselves on the same intake!

Good luck, Blimy
I meant to ask, i may be getting in as an ATC as my pilot scores are not fantastic and i failed for observer.

Is there a demand for ATC?
Hi. I believe the RN is currently recruiting 6 ATCO's per year; 2 every other intake. I am fortunate enough to be one of the two commencing training later this month ;)
Hey all again, Accepted ATCO, Quite happy now! Could have went tho BRNC at the end of this month but had a lot of stuff to tie up before i go so i have been offered a place on the 25th of Febuary which is good! :)
Thats great news mate, yes it would have been quite a rush to get everything sorted before the end of the month! did they not offer you a place on the january BRNC intake?

I hope I hear somthing from them soon, although in my current position, being young (18) and determined I would only accept Pilot!


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