Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by sara21, May 3, 2007.

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  1. Just a quickie to say thank you to everyone who helped me prep for my AIB. I passed yesterday, with a mid-rank score, and should be offered a place at BRNC within the next few months!!


  2. Congrats Sara!

    Hope you got my PM last month!

    Oh, and I take it the aptitude tests were OK after all :wink:
  3. Well done Sara, good effort

  4. Congratulations Sarah, well done.
  5. Well done Sara..

    Always remember, if it were that easy everybody would do it.....

    Have a great future career in the RN.
  6. Excellent news! Bet you're really pleased!
  7. A Mid ranking score? And I bet they'll still let you in as a Sub ;)

    Well done, and have fun.
  8. Mid rank- I fall somewhere in the middle of everyone they had passed this year once we had been placed in order of merit.
  9. Attagirl! Make sure you wear a nice elegant wide-brimmed hat when you pitch up at BRNC on your first day. First impressions are so important ;-).
  10. Whoosh

    A Midshipman is the lowest officer rank ;) But you knew that didn't you!
  11. Nice one Sara :)
  12. Well done chick :D :D
  13. My brain is a mess this morning, the AIB took it out of me somewhat!

    I was quite suprised that I was asked about Mr Bean!
  14. Which one?????
  15. Arthur the passport losing muppet!
  16. Congratulations, you going for September entry?

    By the way, Who was your board president?
  17. congratulations!, im going to be in the pool for september enrty so might see you there (unless you get in for the june entry)!
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Well done You.

    Just remember to go easy on the Stokers- we can't help being like that.
  19. I am not sure about my entry date, I am quite flexible so anytime in the next 12 months would be fine.

    Winkle was my man- a nice chap too.

    It was a rough few days but actually quite fun. 3 out of 12 passed, all from my board, but both others were binned at the medical. Hopefully with stats like that I should be able to get an entry date (but I am not getting my hopes up)

    I will always be nice to a Stoker. I am the daughter of a former Petty Officer, from the midlands- no heirs and graces this end, although I did make him salute me at breakfast this morning (it only seemed right)

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