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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Benjybh, Jul 23, 2009.

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  1. Hi all,

    I've just finished my first year of A Levels and looking to join up as a WAFU after university. The only issue is that I want to get my foot in the door rather than kicking my heels for three years until a (potential!) AIB pass would be within it's one-year validity when I were to (potentially!) go to Dartmouth.
    Is there any way in which I could apply for Direct Entry, attend FATs and AIB, and then hold a kind of 'deferred entry' place at BRNC, or would I simply have to do the whole process in another three years or so?
    The reason I ask is because if I apply now and fail AIB, I would only have one final attempt after university before my whole career is scuppered.

    Thanks in advance for any help,

    Ben :)
  2. Go to a university with, or close to, a University Royal Navy Unit.

    You will have your foot in the door for 3 years before you have to take the AIB, and will have plenty of knowledge and experience when to are ready.
  3. I think the only way you can do that is if you are on the DTUS, but that's only for engineering types.

    I'm prepared to stand corrected. :p
  4. Apply for a university bursary, which you can do once you have a confirmed university place, and I think in years 1 and 2:

    Your best bet is to get the most out of university, both for your own personal development, and to aid you at AIB. You don't have to do URNU/UAS/OTC, though - they'll be just as happy if you do well running the Surf Club as if you spend your time as an URNU snotty. The advantage of the military side is that it gets you thinking the military way, which helps when doing the leadership test, perhaps, but AIB does not expect previous military experience, except, clearly, from those already serving!
  5. Thanks guys!

    airborne_artist, I'm just going to do whatever you say now; you have already encouraged me to bag a gliding scholarship and Culdrose Air Aquaint in November! :D
  6. Bear in mind that bursaries for FAA are very hard to come by - there might only be one/two in a year, and I doubt they'd give one for pilot.

    Bursaries are a recruiting tool, and they have no problems getting enough aircrew.

    Personally I wouldn't bother applying for a bursary if you want FAA - the time needed to prepare, go to AIB etc. is quite a lot, and your chances of getting one are so slim, and you could earn the same in the URNU/UAS/OTC.

    Don't forget you can also join RNR/RAuxAF/TA as an undergrad, and you can't be mobilised til you graduate, by which time you have a place at BRNC and can resign..
  7. Fair enough then.
    Next question! Would you (or anyone else for that matter) reccomend going for UAS over URNU? Would the AIB interviewers count it against me if I went to UAS as I valued the flying more than the Navy-ness whilst at uni?

    In my mind that could go one of two ways; they either think "Wow, he's certainly fixed upon becoming a pilot and will try extremely hard through his flying career, lets have him in the force!" or "Well, he clearly considers flying to be the important factor over the Navy-ness of the URNU, as he displayed a disloyalty to the Senior Service by joining UAS just for the flying".

  8. You think too much, you potato.
  9. But to add constructively to the thread, they probably won't care. They fact you're doing something is probably decent enough.
  10. Every RN Officer (even the WAFU types) is a Naval Officer first and foremost, if you must go to University, and become a fake snotty then do it in the URNU, but do other, non-Navy things as well. Such as join the University sports teams/gliding clubs etc, and take leadership roles!

    They don't count things like that against you, they are looking for people with the potential to be leaders and be more than capable at the job they are applying for.
  11. My spies tell me that URNU places are often not awarded to the people keenest to join the Navy - you are already converted. URNUs are not a recruiting tool - they are there to foster support, interest and knowledge of the RN in the wider community.

    Join whatever you like - it's all purple now, so green/light-blue experience is perhaps even more valid than dark blue when it comes to AIB.

    I think I've mentioned before the PPruner who was a Lance Corporal in 4 Para while at university. AIB and OASC loved him (he went RAF...), and I'll bet that the three years he had learning how to be an airborne soldier was a part of that - you really learn a) about yourself b) about working within a team under arduous conditions and c) about military values etc.

    Do you think AIB and OASC thought "Oh no, a green job, he'll shout a lot and salute everything" - quite the reverse - they'll have seen someone who can lead in a military environment, has pushed/been pushed harder than he'll get at BRNC/Cranwell, and won't cry when he can't go to bed at 10.00 pm after bitty :wink:
  12. Airborne artist makes a very valid point. As a uni student in the TA, I would say that joining this organisation instead of the OTC/UAS/URNU does give you a broader experience and the opportunity to be with older people. Its definitely good for your phys/state of mind as well.

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