AIB pass rate


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By "pass rate", do you mean the percentage of candidates who pass/fail or do you mean the amount of marks you need to achieve to get a "pass"?

Not that I know the answer to either.. :oops: :)


The amount of marks needed to pass :) also how it is graded because I can't really find any info online

There’s plenty of information in this forum if you search.
It is very hard, I was in a group of 5 and only one passed who also had 25 years Navy experience under his belt.

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I had my AIB debrief with my AFCO this week he said I scored very highly bit would not tell me what the scores where and he doesn't know what he scored in his 15 years ago. They dont tell you what scores you need but the PLT and Plan Ex are the most heavily weighted and the interview this is where you really need to shine. The psychometric is only worth 5% overall so nothing to stress to much about.

A big thing on the PLT and Plan Ex is to be confident and give suggestions and have a plan b if things go wrong. You will score poorly if you are stood around with no idea what to do. Enjoy the experience and have fun when you are there the more relaxed you are the easier it is.