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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Rotop, Dec 10, 2012.

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  1. Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, I've used the search function to check but couldn't find what I was looking for.

    Not wanting to waste time memorising lists of names I was wondering who I need to know about for the AIB multiple choice test?

    So far I'm at:

    First Sea Lord - Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope
    Fleet Commander and Deputy Chief of Naval Staff - Admiral Sir George Zambellas
    Chief of Naval Personnel and Training & Second Sea Lord - Vice Admiral Sir Charles Montgomery
    Commanding Officer 3 Commando Brigade - Brigadier Martin Smith
    Minister for Defence - Phillip Hammond
    Chief of Defence Staff - General Sir David Richards

    Any additions or corrections would be appreciated.
  2. The Second Sea Lord is now Vice Admiral David Steel.
  3. Duty Astronomer - gapped.
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  4. None of us got any "name this person" questions, and if you do get one, it will probably be only one person.

    Are you also current with dates? And Countries?

    Two questions that really got my board, were:
    When was the FAA formed & When were the RM formed.

    Also, how many countries make up the UN, and there was a "which of these countries is not a permanent member of the UN".

    Plenty of questions about the NAS, such as, which NAS does this helicopter belong to etc.
  5. Thanks Olly. for everyone else Vice Admiral David Steel became the Second Sea Lord in October.

    Ahh History - I thought who's who would be more important than "what year was..." questions.

    I'll swot up on dates and places.

    Which country isnt a permanant member of the UN? Vatican city? Taiwan?

    What does NAS stand for?
  6. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    The clue is in the question, ie, "What NAS does this helicopter belong to".
  7. Oh Dear God ... We're Doomed ..... Doomed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1066 Battle of Hastings!
    1798 Batlle of the Nile
    1805 Battle of Trafalgar
    1916 Battle of Jutland
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    OASIS Maintainer - Mr. Noel Gallagher
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  9. NAS = Noisy Aircraft Site :)
  10. NAS= Nautical Auxillary Spot
  11. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    HMS = Homoerotic Mating Site
  12. RPO = Ridiculous, posturing, obscenity.:shock:

  13. Darn, and there was me thinking it meant Naval Air Squadron.
    I guess I got those questions wrong at my AIB :(

    I think my options (for the non-permanent UN member question) were something along the lines of:
    Germany, Russia, China, and somewhere else...

    Other things you will need to swot up on are obviously the weapon and radar types.
    For example, which of these radar systems are found on a T23 etc.

    Which of these missiles is a surface to air missile etc.

    What does CIWS mean.

    The echo class ship was the first in the RN to use which of the following?
    Acoustic Tiling, something, something, or Azimuth thrusters.

    A different board that was at Sultan at the same time as myself got questions like, which of these is a RM sniper, which of these is NOT a RM weapon.

    It doesn't really matter what questions are 'important'. Yes, knowing your Aster from your Harpoon is probably slightly more significant than knowing that the RM were formed in xxxx, however they all carry equal weighting.

    Equally, the psychometric tests (Verbal, abstract, and numerical) are even MORE important than the service knowledge so long as you have at least a fairly good idea about the service knowledge. The essay is also very important. I wouldn't worry TOO much about it, try not to spend ALL your time focusing on it.

    I reckon nobody on my board knew more than perhaps, a quarter of the questions. We guessed the rest (multiple choice!!) and yet all but one of us passed. One of us I know has also just got in, the same person who also failed the bleep test, all because his leadership task was so strong; so strong in fact, they told him that they were keeping the footage to use as a future demonstration.
  14. Joking aside and just to make you feel're still wrong :) It's Naval Air Station as in RNAS Culdrose etc.

    That should boost your confidence!

    Only joking, you are right :)
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  15. I take it that when people are talking about non-permanent members of the UN, they're referring to the Security Council?
  16. Yeah, that's right.
  17. I nearly bit until I scrolled down!!!!!!!!!:rofl:
  18. I know what the RNAS is guys, thought the NAS might be something different. better to ask than miss a mark out of pride.

    Ohh god, I was hoping I wouldn't have to learn any of the radar and sonar stuff in any detail.

    Do they go by the 1664 formation of the maritime regiment of foot or the 1755 date?


    one last question - how long did it take you to get your AIB date?

    I was talking to a guy at the gym for the fitness test who got his date months ago for >4 months from now and I got my date a 10 days ago for 1 month's time.
  19. 1664. The more you can learn the better, but don't worry about learning everything in detail. If you've got the time, great. If not, balance it against your essay skills, mental agility and physical preparation. Unless you're extremely unlucky, there will probably be very few questions you can't give an educated guess.

    My dates are a bit rough, but the later stages of the process went something like this: interview July, letter within about two weeks, brief September, AIB October, Lantern test within two weeks. I wouldn't worry about dates and timescales too much because it'll drive you mad when you realise everyone appears to be different without any prevailing pattern. Good luck at the AIB and enjoy it! :)
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    Why have I never heard of this?!

    Thanks, Oldgaius!

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