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First post guys, been on the site for a while, loads of great threads.

I had my FATS on Tuesday at Cranwell, past with a "High Range" score for Pilot, Observer and ATC. My application is in for Pilot, so obviously very pleased with the results

My concern is on passing AIB, the next stage is the medical. My general health and fitness is fine, good in fact, i had an accident when i was younger and now my dental records are the size of a dictionary. My understanding is at the medical my dental records will be looked at as well as a physical examination to ensure they can withstand the high G Forces i will be subject to if i make it through fast jet training.

Has anyone ever been failed at this point due to this kind of problem or will they pass you on the proviso that work is carried out to ensure everything is up to scratch....???


Thats what i like to hear....if only they told me that 9 months ago, would have saved me a lot of time!!!!

So anyway back to my original post..........cheers



Interesting question.

There is nothing in the guidelines to preclude you per se, but first principles would state that there could be problems if you had multiple fillings. Air inside the tooth would expand and contract with altitude and could cause problems. However, I emphasize I am not an expert in such matters and, in any case, the final call is with CAAMB - the Central Air and Admiralty Medical Board.

Good luck.
Additionally to my prejoining medical for aircrew I had:

A breathing thing where you had to hold your breath for 15 seconds after blowing everything out.
Colour perception test. (Holmes Wright lantern or something?)
Blood test.
Measurements of butt to knee ratio, effective reach etc.
Doctor checked my leg/arm strength by pushing pulling etc.
Reactions by bashing the knee.
Checked balance and walking on toes, heels.

Managed to fail opticians bit, despite it being the 3rd one. You would have thought they ruled you out after having 2 done already. I still haven't recieved any letters from them about failing despite 4 phone calls, the first I found out was from the TSO offering me an alternative spot.
Not sure about Pilot, but my post-AIB medical only looked at my colour perception. This was only because the AFCO didn't have the right equipment to do it on the initial medical.

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