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This may be of interest to RN/RM/RFA Officer applicants, ive recently started a blog on my RFA recruitment 'journey', on my blog I've posted some hints and tips in addition to the layout of the AIB assessment. An excerpt is below and a web link is

Day One:
-Arrive at HMS Sultan
-Duty junior rate will get you to fill out some paperwork, and issue you your room number (you get your own room and shared ablutions).
-Complete 8.25 laps around an all weather football pitch (2.4km/1.5 miles), the test is a pass/fail. You will NOT be informed of your result and you will not be able to wear your fitness tracker/watch as its maximum efforts.
-Change into suit for lunch.
-Group meeting with Board president who will offer advice and reassurance.
-Practice the techniques for the Practical Leadership Task (PLT), all I will say is get stuck in and listen to the advice, it really works wonders!
-Planning exercise tutorial
-Evening meal.
-Relax in the evening and take time to have a laugh with and get to know your team, I believe better teams make better results!
Day Two: (order can change based on your syndicate)
-Wake up and prepare for breakfast.
-PLT for each group members plus one leaderless task (be loud and get stuck in)
-Numerical/Verbal/Abstract reasoning assessments on the computer.
-Planning exercise and write a short essay on your plan (be concise and manage your time effectively, don't panic its not that bad)
-Group discussion based on your plans on the planning exercise scenario.
-1 to 1 discussion with planning officer regarding your individual plan and courses of action (know your plan back to front and with justifications for each decision made).
-Board interview with Board president and one other senior officer (just be yourself, its not an interrogation).
-Home bound!

More details and stuff are on the blog but please do get in touch if you have any questions at all!


Evening Yorkshire!

A nice little run down, with a few pointers - much appreciated.

The Planning Exercise - I'm trying to keep a level head about this, practicing my SDT equations and a few "past papers" if found online. What would be your main advice on this?

Many thanks, all the best!



My best advice would be to get used to breaking an hour down into segments of 5,6,7 and 8. Also get used to relating information clearly and concisely, from what I can tell the board like clarity of mind if that makes sense.
I found the Planex quite enjoyable, just use your limited time wisely and ensure that whatever you come up with (whether it's good or bad) makes sense to you and you can justify your decisions.
Thanks for the positive remakes!


The Planning Exercise - I'm trying to keep a level head about this, practicing my SDT equations and a few "past papers" if found online. What would be your main advice on this?

Would also recommend practicing information retention. When they fire out questions its good to be able to remember as many of the random details as possible (i.e Seasons, names, weather, etc)


Much appreciated both!

From reading around I sense that staying calm and collected is crucial. This will help for numerous reasons, including thinking logically and reflecting confidence, which is a reoccurring theme throughout the whole AIB.

Easier said than done, but I'll certainly keep this in the forefront of my mind.


Most of all good luck and enjoy the experience, if you can maintain composure and enjoy the atmosphere then you will get much more out of the AIB.

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