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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Potential_Officer, Mar 11, 2007.

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  1. I am going for my AIB, well tomorrow in fact, and have in true Potential Officer style, forgotten a little gem my ACLO told me that would help in the AIB.

    Regarding SpeedxDistance etc, he said that there was a short-cut called the Rule of Six, which helps you work out said equation in seconds. Does anyone know it?

    Any other last minute advice is much welcomed, I would appreciate it greatly.

    The Potential Officer (Hopefully here I come BRNC!)
  2. Work out how far you can go in six minutes, then multiply it by ten and thats how far in an hour? Or vice versa, if you know miles per hour, divide by 10 and thats how far you can go in 6 minutes. Could that be what you're looking for? :wink:

    Also dont forget - P P P P P P P - Prior Plan & Prep Prevents Piss Poor Performance ( ie dont leave things till last minute !!! ) :shock:

    Good luck tomorrow matey
  3. Let us know how you get on.
  4. Oh yes thats the one thank you, or rather better is Bullshit Baffles Brains!

    Well in my defence, my ACLO only told me this the other day, for some reason they only teach kids in school the full S=D/T, as opposed to this quick rule of six.

    Any idea of how many places there are at BRNC per term for the Warfare Branch (I've been told that this is the hardest Branch to get into requiring the highest of AIB pass scores!)
  5. Make sure you're well scrubbed up, plenty of eye contact, don't fidget and if you don't know the answer, don't try and bullshit them, they'll catch you out… "I'm sorry Sir, I don't know the answer" is honest and shows you know your limits.

    It's 31 years since I sat mine… and nothing I've ever done since has filled with such fear and trepidation!

    Good luck!!!!
  6. Thanks,
    The ACLO said about just admitting you don't know, they will respect your honesty, besides the odds of an 18 year old with limited Navy Links (a Summer camp at BRNC, and work expierience with my uncle and Navy Days!) is hardly going to do well agains a Captain! (The Bullshit Baffling Brains I was on about is confidence, even if you are crapping yourself, show calmness to the Board!)

    Still I'm aware that these days they slide some questions about Equal Ops in, to be quite honest its something I've not really thought of, I couldn't care less if my oppo is Black, purple, orange, gay or whatever, as long as the oppo gives the job 110% they can do whatever they want in their spare time.
  7. Go to bed and get a decent rest- would be a good start. As far for thinking about the answers I would say just be honest, don't tell them what you think they want to hear!
    But then again I am a total newbie, just going on the advice I have seen floating around on here.

    Good luck pal
  8. "Don't tell them what you think you they want to hear"?

    I thought that was the aim of the game, albeit without trying to second guess them, just show them, perhaps with a Civil Servant's truth telling ability, that you are the sort of candidate they want at BRNC.
  9. PO - definitely DONT tell them what you think they want to hear - I do recruit assessing in my job - you dont always know what they want to hear.

    Tell the truth - be honest and from the heart.

    Sarah 21 - Haven't seen you on the threads for a while - how did you get on , I seem to remember you were going to AIB soon?
  10. Alright I'll trust you on this one! Mind I would have thought that as long as you speak in a pro-Navy moderate and politically correct manner you cannot go too wrong.
  11. Hey

    Well it all turned into a huge farce since I last posted on here, concerning my AIB application that is.
    I called into the AFCO in November to get my papers signed and certificates/ ID checked and verified by the ACLO, he however didn't show for the meeting, and so another chappy volunteered to do so.

    I sent the papers and by the time Feb was here I still hadn't heard anything and so I called my ACLO to be told " Oh you shouldn't have had your papers signed by so and so because he is not authorised'. I then had to wait for an appointment with my ACLO to have my Certificates and ID rechecked and signed by him. My application for the AIB was only put in the post last week. Hopefully everything is back on track and I should be at the AIB very soon.

    As for telling the board what they want to hear, if your answers aren’t genuine you run the risk of being 1) caught out at the AIB or 2) caught out at BRNC. Why would you want/ need to falsify answers? I have always believed in remaining true to myself and to my beliefs, and well if the RN don’t want me because of that then it is obvious I am not right for the RN and the RN for me.
    I would never want to join the RN if I felt I had to sacrifice my morals/ beliefs, I only hope that those that underpin my moral ethos fall into line with those that underpin the RN. I would say that unless you are homophobic, a pacifist, racist and/or lacking any ethical backbone you should be ok.
  12. Sorry to hear that Sara21 - hope all goes well from hereon.

    I agree with your ethics - well done on your stance.

    The trouble is with telling people what you think they want to hear, if you get questioned further in depth, you get seen right through.
  14. Can't see that going wrong, mind I doubt the words "coloured people" will be used!

    And Sara21 I swear the lads running the Officer Selection (i.e. before AIB) are less than clever. Who is your ACLO by the way?

    The reasoning behind "massaging the truth", is quite simply at the moment I believe that the people running these sort of things are not really on planet Earth. Yes I am all for Equal Ops and was said best by Oil Slick above, all the same on the inside, but some of your answers need to go beyond not being a bigot, to almost being ashamed of your past, i.e. the current campaign to make us feel awful for the slave trade, I had no part in the slave trade, and never would trade in slavery, yet I strongly think that making me feel culprable for the Slave Trade is rediculous.

    Same goes for almost being ashamed for being citizen of a country that once had an Empire that encompassed 25% of the world's population. Why should I?
  15. If you've got your AIB tomorrow, GO TO BED !!!

    Get a good nights kip

    And good luck - let us all know how it went.
  17. I wouldn't want to post my ACLO name on here because he doesn't have the chance to defend himself. I know the lads in the office quite well and they have always been keen to offer help, advice and the odd DVD/ booklet. I believe that the chap signing my form did so believing he was helping me out.

    “The reasoning behind "massaging the truth", is quite simply at the moment I believe that the people running these sort of things are not really on planet Earthâ€
    By that do you mean the interview board?

    As for openly being ashamed of our countries past, I believe that yes we (not the RN) should acknowledge and apologise for any involvement we had in the slave trade- and when I say any involvement I mean the British Empire playing THE biggest part. Of course we should not be forced to apologise periodically but with the anniversary of its abolishment shouldn’t we take the opportunity as a Nation to do so.

    You are not culpable for the slave trade as an individual yet our ancestors, our bloodlines were the puppet masters. It is not about laying blame at the feet of current generations but about admitting our Nations history, even the terrible parts, so that globally we can move forward in a brighter more optimistic light.
  18. To openly not apologise would be tantamount to admitting it wasn’t wrong.
  19. Remeber the AIB has been doing this for a long time, yes the people have chnged but the knowledge gained from interveiwing candidates constantly for avery long time has been handed dow. They know what they are looking for and what they want to see is YOU, they will detect if you are putting on an act and they will not select you.

    Yes I did my board nearly 45 years ago, but I stayed at AIB a couple of years ago (our entries 40th reunion) and some of us had a good chat with one of the Chiefs and little has changed in what they are looking for, and they have a very good nose for the 'actors'

    God luck to all who are waiting for their board.
  20. Well I passed, apparently with a reasonable enough pass to be in with a chance of a place at BRNC.

    Thanks to all those who gave me advice, although, I probably should not have started the Slave Trade debate.

    Essay was very topical, Trident, seeing as how the vote was today!

    And of course having a good fellow board candidates makes the whole few days much easier and enjoyable, hmm what to say about that pub though!

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