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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by foxtrot, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. I am due to sit AIB soon and wanted some opinion on what I should do about my second choice for role from those that have sat AIB in the past.

    I only passed for pilot during my Fat's (so I don't have observer to fall back on) and got a high score for ATC. In all truth, I do not want to do anything else in the Navy and am dead set on pilot.

    I wondered however, if the AIB will ask me if i've considered ATC and would I accept this role if pilot didn't work out? If i say yes, i'm concerned that I won't get a shot at training as a pilot (like so many otheres who put pilot 1st and ob's 2nd) and if i say no that I will look like i'm not truly committed to serving in the navy.

    Any thoughts or past experiences??

  2. what's an ATC, as a matter of curiosity?
  3. Air Traffic Controller if I'm not too much mistaken

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