AIB February 2010

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Beith12, Jan 20, 2010.

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  1. Just got my date through for AIB on 23rd Feb.

    Is anyone else on here going on the same date?
  2. Thanks for the tip bro :p and have a good birthday :!: :!:
  3. Yep I'm goin on the 23rd-25th Feb for warfare officer.

    Just want to get stuck into it now, though a few more weeks to prepare is always helpful!

    What job are you going for?
  4. Information Systems, did you go on any aquaint courses?
  5. Make sure you both write a full report up, as I'm there 2 weeks after you.
  6. Beith12 - when did you start the whole application process? I started everything in July, waiting on security clearance and got a letter from Admiralty earlier this month saying they had received my application.
  7. Good luck! I'm waiting on a date! Hoping to go Warfare.

    Does anybody have some crib sheets I can have copies of? Could do with any help anyone might be able to offer me.
  8. I would also suggest getting this book:

    Navy Books: British Warships and Auxiliaries 2010/11

    It is a steal at only £6.99 and is bang up to date, far more so than the various booklets or books produced by the MOD. Useful section on weapons and the RFA too.
  9. :roll: :roll: you should very easily remember and inwardly digest, those couple of pages Snotty :wink: :wink: No crib sheet needed for that one!!! :lol: :lol:
  10. Hey Beith 12, no I haven't been on any acquaint courses, though I might ask my ACLO about them now! What did you do on them? Should be alright anyway, just cramming the research and revision, going to the gym everyday, and preparing for the interview questions.

    And Donkeypunch

    I sent off my forms in August so I must have been very lukcy to get a date this early, though I think certain things, for example warfare, are being rushed whilst pilots are being held back a little. Can't do any harm though to give the AIB a call and ask what your prospective date might be and whether they can get you in asap. I called them up the day I got my letter about their receipt of my details and half an hour later she called back with this Feb date! Definitely worth a try.
  11. I hate doing it, I really really hate doing it but:

  12. You can rest assured I edited it immediately as I realised my mistake...
  13. I did notice that Davy. Good move.
  14. I started the process in 2008, it took so long to get everything checked, medicals, interviews and tests.
    My form was received at the end of October then heard nothing til I phoned in January.

    They told me on the ACQUAINT :) course that I should wait until the new year and phone the AIB office as they had been busy with applications.
  15. We got shown around the training bases, taking in lectures on the way about how each department operates.

    Where are you leaving from to get to AIB?
  16. Oh, well those lectures sound pretty useful, might have to ask the AFCO about that!

    I'm gonna drive from London on the Tuesday, if you need a lift, let me know.
  17. Good luck guys! I jut got word on thursday of my date - 9th-11th March.
  18. Are they really rushing through Warfairies? Its definitely worth ringing up a very nice lady at AIB who will try her best to find you a date that works,mine was Jan 04th but was meant to be Feb 07th! Best of luck!
  19. DavyP,

    Im flying from Scotland, but thanks anyways.....

    Hows the studying going?

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