AIB fail to rating entry, no wait?


This is a pretty boring question but my AIB is in a few weeks, I'm optimistic but realistic - I'm going for Logs and know it is extremely competitive and the Jan intake has been cancelled. Although it would be a dream to become an officer what I really want to be is part of the RN.

I've been told by my AFCO that if I fail AIB I can join quickly as an AET (which I sat my RT for in Dec 2009 before I decided to attempt this entry as a officer 6 months ago). I believe the waiting time for AET is 24 months.

I've read on here that I'd have to start my wait again if I change trades, which is fair enough really, but my AFCO are saying it's at their discretion. Personally this seems a load of rubbish which they don't seem very confident about, they've also told me things in the past that later turned out to be untrue.

The problem is I'm due to start a 1 year teacher training course immediately after my AIB (if I'm not successful or don't get a good pass) which is my preferred career if I can't get into the Navy. If however I can go in as AET around Christmas I obviously wouldn't start the course in the first place and could avoid the 3 grand fee. I can't afford to wait another 2 years as I'm an old sod already.

So, what is it? Wait or no wait?

There's a big difference between being a Teacher and becoming an AET. You need to think about what you want from your career...
I believe your original RT date should count as the "clock start" for AET, should you decide on that.


Thanks TB. Yes, I know but it's always useful to have a plan b. In fact I'm only considering teaching as to gain some leadership experience for the RN I've been working as an Activities Instructor for the YMCA and found I quite like working with young people.

I called my AFCO earlier who now say there are "no guarantees" that they would start the waiting time for AET from the RT!

Fingers crossed for AIB but I'm expecting it to be tricky and have been told there will be less than 30 openings for Logs in the next 12 months
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I hope that you don't mind my saying so, but £3,000 is a lot of money to pay for something if your aim in doing it is "to gain some leadership experience for the RN". Is it a PGCE? Which subject? How old are you by the way?


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Personally I would continue with your plans to do your teacher training. Waiting times are such that you will probably be able to complete your training. At least if you complete you teacher training you will have a career to fall back on should you decide that the Navy isn't for you. Your choice of careers in the RN couldn't be any different not only for the officer/rating part but the engineering/bean counter part.

This is only my opinion but the navy really isn't worth the two year wait that people seem to be having to endure. Become a teacher, it is a job for life. The RN is only for 22 years, if your lucky.


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Generally those applying to join as a rating but changing their choice of Branch can expect the waiting time at the time of changing to apply.

Those running a concurrent dual application, already with a pending entry date formally requested for Rating entry, (with all elements of rating selection completed) & also applying for Officer simultaneously, should not be unduly affected if they do not make the cut for Officer.

Those applying only for Officer who do not make the cut, but then decide to apply to join as a Rating should expect the same wait as a Rating applicant who changes his/her branch of preference. It's possible the wait maybe slightly less then a fresh applicant, but it's unlikely an applicant will be permitted to join ahead of those already waiting to join that branch.
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Thanks Ninja.

Because I decided I wanted to try for Officer before I did my final interview for AET (i.e. not all elements are complete) would this have a bearing on things? I wasn't aware that there was a "dual application" option or whether I have taken it or not!

Soleil - Yes its a PGCE, this isn't what I'm doing to gain leadership exp for the RN, that was working for the YMCA. My sentence could have been phrased better.
You could apply to be a Logs and then go through the UY route. It's a bit more competitive, but at least you get the extra satisfaction of doing it.
Or become bitter as you realise it'll take you much longer (but the age limit is the same); rely on the whims of people other than Capt AIB to be put forward for it; have the same chances (UY) or greatly reduced chances (SUY) of selection as a civvy; that Jack/Jenny couldn't care less how you did it in your day - you're now an Officer; and you'll piss off your oppo's if the only reason you're there is to "earn respect" before you do what you've always wanted to do - become an Officer.

But you're right, it's an option.

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