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I applied to the Navy in June 2011 and I’m currently waiting for a date for my AIB but have been told that I should expect it in October. I applied to university in January 2012 as my alternative plan should I not be successful at the AIB. I had hoped that I would know before the beginning of the academic year in September whether or not I was successful at the AIB and could therefore cancel my university application in due time if I was successful. However, due to a number of delays in my naval application it looks as though the two will clash.

The question this raises for me is whether or not the fact that I will have just begun university at the time of my AIB will prompt the board to suggest I should continue my course even if I pass the AIB. I have the option of deferring university for a year to avoid this but this leaves me with the possibility that if I am not successful at the AIB I will have to wait another year before I can move forward in either pursuit.

So I’m really here looking for some advice. Is it likely that the board would suggest I continue with my course (of which I will only have completed a month or two) even if I pass the AIB with a competitive score or would this not be an issue for them?

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The AIB does not sit in order to offer educational advice and they would not directly suggest whether or not you should continue a course of study. It is up to you to convince the AIB of your plans, your desires and your alternatives. So long as you can set forth intelligent and well thought out ideas they will be happy. So, if your choice is to ditch university in favour of joining the RN at the earliest possible opportunity, then let them know that and why, if asked.

Different people have different ideas; some would like to finish a degree course and then join, others would prefer to get in as soon as possible and get going with life in the RN. You're not the first person to have ever had this concern, so think carefully what YOU want to do and prepare a cogent argument for your decision.

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Olly, I'm in exactly the same boat as you ( well nearly as I still have to do my FATs even before I get a date for an AIB) so I have exactly the same problem as you - well worse actually as I decided not to go to uni at the same time as my mates as applications for aircrew were on hold thanks to the SDSR but I'm going off here on a mini rant / tangent.

The way I look at it is that me being at Uni and being prepared to quit to join the RN is bound to be something that they raise at the AIB - in fact if they don't question me about that I would be mighty surprised - so that is one question I need to address.

In addition just because you've passed the AIB doesn't mean that you join the RN the following week - its not unusual to have to resit the AIB because the pass is only valid for a year.

So - and I can only tell you what I am doing.

I'm off to Uni come Sept and doing my FATs and if I get to go to the AIB, preparing for THAT question. If I pass great but until I get the 'come on Janus get your arse down to Dartmouth letter' I'm staying and working at Uni. (The way I'm looking at it is that its more than likely I will have done the first year by the time I hopefully get this letter)

Only when I get that letter do I have to make the decision to quit Uni or not.

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