AIB fail and a 12 month wait you say?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by TotalAlien, May 11, 2012.

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  1. Hello all,

    I recently got back from my AIB and was told to come back in 12 months time. I believe that this means I had a narrow fail but with significant room for improvement? My post here is with regards to getting some in-service experience and hopefully leadership training by joining the reserves(as a rating of course). I would like to do this for what will probably be more than 12 months. However, I applied for a pilot/observer role and was wondering if this would mean they would want me to stay in the branch I join the reserves as, I.E. a non aircrew branch, possibly in EW.

    If anyone has any kind of insight into the unofficial implications of joining the reserves in the meantime, please could you let me know!

    Cheers, TA
  2. I passed the AIB first time round but was on the same day as the SDSR and was told it was unlikely i'd get in. I enquired about joining the reserves in the meantime and was basically told that joining the RNR just to gain an advantage with an application for officer entry was not an option. From their point of view they'd be better off spending those 12 months training someone that wanted to do it long term than someone that wanted to bugger off to bigger and better advice. My advice to you is to brush up your service knowledge more than last time and get even fitter. You've had the interview so you know what's coming. Sit down and fill a couple of sides of A4 with every conceivable question you could be asked and then work on an answer for each. Makes the interview so much easier! Doubtless you'll already know where you could have done better on the PLTs and the planex. Good luck for next time!
  3. Which is funny as thats not the view of the RNR, try asking your local unit, they would probably have you in a jiffy.
  4. There has been a step change in the recruiting policy recently, and you may well find the the RNR will bite both your arms off. However the branches are exceptionally different from the regulars, you won't have to worry about that until you have passed out of Raleigh though, and that is unlikely to be within a year of joining (though if you have time on your hands, you can motor through). I'd not worry about the branch thingy, and get on to AFCO/rnr unit ASAP. Where is your nearest rnr unit? Good luck.
  5. Yeah, think I might have a go anyway if I have nothing to lose. My nearest one is HMS Forward in Birmingham where my ACLO is based. As a reservist though (I'm assuming you are here), would you say there is much to gain, leadership wise, if you join the RNR as a rating do you think?

    Many thanks
  6. It was my local unit that told me that.
  7. TA
    pm inbound. If nothing seen, pse PM me as I'm having a snag or two with this pm malarkey

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