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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by littleshinydemon, Sep 27, 2009.

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  1. Quick question, can anyone tell me roughly how long the medical lasts for the FAA if they pass the AIB? I know that's a bit of an ambiguous question, but I am wanting to make sure I have sufficient time to complete the medical and then get to Southampton for my return flight.

    Anyone that has recently gone through this and can tell me roughly at what time of the day they had completed the medical by that would be great!

  2. To be honest I'm not too sure, but getting from SULTAN to Southampton airport can take a while - depends on the time of day but the traffic around Gosport is generally awful. I'd leave at least an hour to get (by road) from Gosport to Southampton airport - but if it's after 1500 make that an hour and a half. Train is potentially an option but a pain in the ass as you have to go into Southampton then change to get to Southampton Airport.

    Good luck!
  3. AD, thanks for your help. My itinerary was booked by the guys at the AIB for me, so I guess I shall just have to cross my fingers and hope they have taken the medical into account on the last day!
  4. Make sure you pass AIB, of course, or getting your flight won't be a problem.

    I can remember a particularly tall guy being whisked off to Southampton University Air Squadron at Hamble to see if he could fit in the Bulldog - it was the limiting factor for back length at the time, but now it's all done by measuring you.

    At that time FAA applicants who passed AIB spent an extra night at AIB and had the medical the following day at Haslar.

    Good luck :)
  5. What I remember of my medical was it lasted a whole day.

    AM was a physical examination then PM was at Haslar, Xrays, ECGs and various other checks.

    But that was quite a few years ago and as we know - things change!
  6. I seem to remember that apart from the cursery exam done at the recruiting office, our medical was done in the first few days at Raleigh, just before you signed on the dotted line. Then you got all your jabs, smallpox,scurvy, yellow-jack...................I hope they use smaller needles now, I think our MO was an ex Vet.
  7. The poster is going for officer entry, meaning he/she will have a full aircrew medical which is more thorough.
  8. Approximately 1300 according to a pack i have been given by my ACLO. Don't quote me on this though, i don't know how old this pack is.
  9. I must add that part of the medical is to measure your fat content, Calipers are used to calculate % body fat. Then every conceivable measurement is taken! Pointless passing you fit if your not able to reach rudder pedals or too long to fit in a cockpit.

    If your having your medical as an individual it won't take overly long 3-4 hours I reckon, if you do it a class or group, allow a while longer obviously.

    Again though, it was a long time since I had mine.
  10. cheers for the update guys,

    will get on the phone to the AIB about my flight then just to make sure they took the medical into consideration (although I am kind of buggered if they didn't seeing as my AIB is next Monday...).

    Calipers you say...oh goody

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