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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by puditer, Jan 7, 2010.

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  1. Apologies if this has been answered before, but I've been unable to find a specific answer - could anybody who's completed the AIB recently tell me if they took a colour perception test (the Holmes-Wright Lantern, I believe), particularly if they'd applied as Warfare Officer? Many thanks in advance, I'm just trying to get everything as sussed as a I possibly can.
  2. I believe everyone, Ratings and Officers, do a colour perception test during the initial medical. I seem to remember doing one when I had my original Navy medical and I definitely had to do one when I joined the TA.
  3. Quite right. I remember reading multi-coloured number tiles during my eye test. But other than that is just the basic does this look clear, read that line and that line and that line sort of stuff.
  4. Can't see how knowing whether or not the CP test is part of the AIB would enable you to "get everything sussed". You can't prepare for it as you will either pass or fail it. CP is normally tested with the Ishi Hari plates (probably spelt wrong) and then depending on how you did on this test will indicate whether you need to do the Holmes-Wright lantern test.
  5. Aye, I did one during the initial medical, which I passed - which I believe makes me 'at least' CP2. Wasn't sure if there was another at AIB to ensure that I'm 'definitely' CP1. The reason I ask is that I've always had concerns regarding my colour perception - so far, it seems not to have been a problem, and I'm aware that I can't prepare for the tests - but I'd be happier knowing that getting the knock back because of it is a possibility, rather than it coming out of the blue (hurr). Fingers crossed that it's not a problem, it's just something I've been biting my nails over a bit.
  6. If you are an aircrew candidate and you pass you will stay on (perhaps overnight) for a thorough medical, this will include the required eyesight tests.

    If you are not an aircrew candidate you will not normally have a further medical examination other than the one you initially had near the beginning of the process.
  7. No probs!!! this is it :wink:
  8. Prey tell, who is the blonde one?

    For research purposes you understand. Ahem.
  9. Thanks for that folks, in particular to scouse; nice to be able to go into the exam knowing what it'll be like. From this then, I take it that only Aircrew have additional medicals/eyesight tests at the AIB. Which is good.
  10. Erh. From what I'm now reading it seems that that isn't the case. Bugger.

    Apologies for harping on - it's just an extra thing to worry about.
  11. What are you now reading?

    If you are an aircrew candidate and you pass your AIB you will have another eye test.

    If you are not an aircrew candidate you will not have another eye test.

    What about that don't you understand?
  12. I do of course understand it completely - I'd just been reading an account by a chap who'd passed his AIB but failed his eyesight test, and was going for Warfare Officer. It could be outdated, I suppose. Thanks again for the help.
  13. Post a link
  14. From within this thread.

    Can't directly quote it as it's a locked thread, but:

    'You will then go to the AIB applying for your choosen branch.

    Each branch has a different required pass mark to achieve to get forwarded for selection.

    If for example you pass the AIB applying for Warfare and fail the eyesight medical like I did then provided your mark is good enough you can still apply for the other branches such as Logistics and Flight Deck Officer.

    You will be put on a list of places in your rank of score for example if you have 200 points and someone has 201 they will be higher on the list and if there is only 14 places available the top 14 get the places.

    Should you be in that list then you will be given an entry date.

    Hope the above makes sense!'
  15. I can only assume the system was different when he did his AIB, now you do the medical after the RT at the beginning of the process. I also don't know how he passed his AIB thinking you can join directly as a 'Flight Deck Officer'.

    If you want confirmation phone your AFCO and ask them. Your eyes have been passed fit at the beginning of the process anyway, I really wouldn't worry.
  16. That's what I was thinking/hoping. I've already had general eyesight and colourblindness tests - it didn't seem to make a lot of sense that they'd be tested again. Cheers again anyway. Out of curiosity, what are/were you in as, or hoping to do?
  17. Ah. How long ago was this?
  18. ....ah.

    Oh well, sod it - nothing to be done other than crack on with it all anyway. It's not like I can do anything about it other than worry; and there's not a lot of point in that. SIFT to go yet, anyway!

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