AIB essay

Read a newspaper. From what I gather they are usually current affairs topics.

They're not looking to see that you know a lot about a subject though, only that you can put across a balanced argument in correct English.


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TAITAI said:
hi does anyone know what the current AIB essay questions are likely to be?
Some idle speculation....

Is there life on Gordon Brown?

The UK's future in the United States of Europe

Education, Educashun, ed-you-kay-shun: meteoric improvements 1997 - 2007

Making money or making products - the future of UK plc.

Sexual deviancy in the Famous Five - Was George a lesbian? Was Timmy abused? Was Dick an onanist?

The Secret Seven - Enid Blyton's adventures in group sex?

Dirty tricks in Downing Street - the role of Tory propaganda in maligning Zanu-Lab

MG-Lover: China's role in the future of the UK car industry

Jade Goody - the case for sainthood

Future development of Devonport Dockyard to support the RN's front-line escort force.

Bureacracy and red tape - essential tools in productive economies

Strengthening Britain's workforce through Immigration

Fighting wars with "Pink and Fluffy" Armed Forces: the homesick killing machine
Size 13 boots are a must have in the Stores. Comment.
Should Potential Officers be expected to ask questions at their sift interview?
Somalian seamanship, where to now?

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